Seahawks not locked into using first pick on QB

Posted Jan. 18, 2012 @ 5:51 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

As anxious as the Seahawks are to find a long-term answer at quarterback, we hear it's far from a given that they will use their first-round pick (currently 11th or 12th, subject to coin flip) on a signalcaller. "The top two guys available (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) will be gone in the top five, and I don't think the team is so desperate that it would consider trading up for one of them," one team insider said. "But with some time to evaluate this year's class, if a guy like (Bengals QB) Andy Dalton suddenly emerges, I think that would interest them. But as things stand, I could easily see them addressing other needs in the first round and looking for a QB in the second or third round." Of course, Matt Flynn, this year's hot free-agent QB, could be another option. "But it just doesn't seem that's the way they want to go," the insider said. "I think they'd really rather raise their own guy from the ground floor up."