Giants using Pierre-Paul in variety of ways

Posted Dec. 31, 2011 @ 1:50 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

A common scouting report on Jason Pierre-Paul coming out of South Florida, where he started a mere seven games, was that he was a terrific athletic who would need to be spood-fed defensive schemes and that he likely would be a one-trick pass rusher for a few seasons until he learned the finer points of technique and leverage. Forget all of that. Pierre-Paul's athletic gifts are unquestioned, but it has been his response to coaching and his improved understanding of angles and hand work that have made him a true star in his second NFL season. And the Giants are using his skills in a variety of ways, lining him up as an open-side rusher or inside (especially when Osi Umenyiora is healthy) as a three-technique from a three-point stance, as well as standing up, often in the A- or B-gaps, as a two-point rusher. Even though he is still best when rushing from the edge, that versatility has allowed him to become one of the league's more feared defenders at the age of 22.