Steelers' Taylor has club's respect

Posted Dec. 30, 2011 @ 9:30 p.m.
Posted By Mike Wilkening

LILB James Farrior voted him the team's MVP. FS Ryan Clark expressed amazement that he didn't make the Pro Bowl. In the end, CB Ike Taylor didn't get the club's MVP nod, nor was he voted to the Pro Bowl. But it's clear that the Steelers believe he merits recognition for a job very well done this season. Taylor has long held his own against top competition, but widespread respect for his work has been slow to come, perhaps because Taylor, who has two interceptions this season, is not a ballhawk. However, he is a tough, skilled player who continues to play at a winning level for the Steelers, and he is their top cornerback. "Ike has played the same way, I would say, for the past six or seven years," Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said of Taylor, leading up to Week 17. "He is solid every week. He usually draws the toughest opponent to cover, and he usually delivers. Corners at that position, you don't stop every pass, every down. That is just the way it is. But he surely does get his percentage and more."