Kubiak not wavering on QB Yates

Posted Dec. 29, 2011 @ 10:29 p.m.
Posted By Arthur Arkush

For those calling for veteran QB Jake Delhomme, not rookie T.J. Yates, to guide the Texans in their first-ever postseason, it isn't going to happen. Head coach Gary Kubiak maintains that Yates' struggles — he has three turnovers, compared to no TDs the past two weeks — are not all on him. Yates' protection hasn't been great, and he has sorely missed WR Andre Johnson, two problems Kubiak expects to be resolved in time for the postseason. A source notes that Kubiak, who has three Super Bowl rings — all as a QB coach — knows the QB position well enough that he should be trusted if he thinks Yates gives Houston the best shot in the playoffs. The source said Delhomme has looked sharp throwing the football in practice, but the playbook would have to be reduced if he took over. Houston will live or die with Yates, who has fared better this season than more experienced backups like Bears QB Caleb Hanie and Cowboys QB Stephen McGee.