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Week 17 power rankings

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By PFW staff

1. Green Bay Packers: Rodgers gives a "take that" performance for MVP doubters.

2. New Orleans Saints: Have scored in 55 of 60 quarters this season.

3. New England Patriots: "D" already was a concern; now O-line is banged up.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Could use that first-round bye to get Big Ben healthy.

5. San Francisco 49ers: Problems in the red zone have led to a record season for Akers.

6. Baltimore Ravens: Ever heard less from a star with an expiring contract than Ray Rice?

7. Atlanta Falcons: No. 6 seed in the NFC is not bad — avoid first-round game vs. Saints.

8. Detroit Lions: End their playoff drought; Stafford looks back in his early-season form.

9. Houston Texans: Looking more like a potential one-and-done playoff team.

10. New York Giants: Lesson learned — Victor Cruz doesn't just talk the talk.

11. Cincinnati Bengals: Struggling to fill seats despite a "win and in" Week 17 scenario.

12. Dallas Cowboys: Injury to OG Montrae Holland the latest blow to the run game.

13. New York Jets: Will we see 41-year-old Mark Brunell if Sanchez struggles in Week 17?

14. Denver Broncos: Could Tebow, who willed Broncos into playoff hunt, play them out of it?

15. Tennessee Titans: Hanging on by a thread, thanks to stellar play by Jared Cook.

16. Philadelphia Eagles: Plenty of "what ifs" for Eagles; could end on four-game win streak.

17. Oakland Raiders: Janikowski, Seymour save Raiders; division title still a possibility.

18. Arizona Cardinals: Fell short of making yet another fourth-quarter rally.

19. Seattle Seahawks: Optimism for young, talented squad, especially on defense.

20. San Diego Chargers: December run ends with a thud in blowout fashion in Detroit.

21. Carolina Panthers: Cam racked up the records as a rookie; now he needs a defense.

22. Miami Dolphins: WR Marshall (77-1,177-6) might want Miami to stick with QB Moore.

23. Chicago Bears: Another team that wishes it had a better backup-QB plan.

24. Kansas City Chiefs: Orton with a chance to stick it to the Broncos — must-see TV.

25. Buffalo Bills: Spiller proving he is not a bust with 305 total yards in past two games.

26. Washington Redskins: Likely disappointed with Barkley's decision to stay at USC.

27. Cleveland Browns: Hillis gives nice audition for potential suitors come free agency.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: Have sent a whopping 12 DBs to injured reserve.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Blount had 1,000 rushing yards last season. Only 769 in '11.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Next July's story line: Can Peterson be ready for Week One?

31. Indianapolis Colts: Thursday-night win brings No. 1 pick intrigue to Week 17.

32. St. Louis Rams: Could the Rams get two No. 1 picks in three years? Playing that way. 

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