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Insider: Cushing hasn't been same player of late

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Posted Dec. 26, 2011 @ 4:35 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "If you look at the first half of the season, (Texans LB) Brian Cushing was playing great football. He was shocking (defenders) and getting to the ball with burst. Check out the late tape and you don't see it now. I'm not sure if it's from the ankle he tweaked, but he doesn't look like the same guy." 

• "The Chiefs never won a Super Bowl under Carl Peterson, but if you look at the big picture — if you are the owner of a team — it's nice to win Super Bowls and have competitive teams, but in the back of your head, you don't want to lose money either. It is a business. What Carl never gets enough credit for is having that stadium sold out all the time. He made the Hunt family a lot of money by keeping the stadium full. The other great trait of Carl's - people loved working for the Chiefs because Carl was good to them."

• "Look at all the movie stars using HGH. I would guess 75 percent of Hollywood uses it. It's an anti-aging trick - you can't look so young without it. What it does — it removes fatigue and soreness the next day. When you get done playing a football game, you can't move your body. With HGH, there's zero soreness, you feel great and want to do more. A two-hour workout can become a six-hour workout. If you look at how many people take pain pills when they get older and how many pills they take a day, it's outrageous. … when I played, there were all kinds of guys shooting up with steroids in the corner of the weight room. It was accepted. There are a lot of 60-something ex-players right now with creaky hips, knees and shoulders. How many of them do you think are taking HGH? It obviously works. How do you harness the healing effects?"

• "(49ers DL coach) Jim Tomsula is a helluva coach. I've worked with him before. If you look at the group of coaches that have not been in the league that long, he is probably one of the best. He has more than paid his dues. He's one of the reasons that defensive line is playing so well."

• "(Bengals offensive coordinator Jay) Gruden has done a really good job with Andy Dalton getting the ball out of his hand fast."

• "Maybe it was a one-time slip, but the whole Dez Bryant fiasco with (Dolphins GM) Jeff Ireland was awful. I don't think (Bill) Parcells' style of being a (jerk) works. This game has gotten to be too hard — you might as well enjoy where you are working and enjoy working with the people. The intimidating/scare tactic style of doing business — it's for another era."

• "The offensive line in Jacksonville is awful. The only guy I like on that offense is the running back (Maurice Jones-Drew). The tight end (Marcedes Lewis) is OK. The quarterback (Blaine Gabbert), to me, looks really shaky. He almost looks mechanical. He really doesn't anticipate well. He is not accurate. Maybe I'm just too old school, but he does not look like a quarterback to me with that hair hanging out of his helmet."

• "New England's band was broken up, and what you had were a bunch of solo albums. (Eric) Mangini and (Romeo) Crennel and (Charlie) Weis and Scott (Pioli) and Thomas (Dimitroff). You saw what they could do when they got some of them back together (in Kansas City). I think that's what Scott wants to do — he wants to get the band back together. … Is Romeo the right coach? Maybe. The 'right' coach is a guy that really understands the plan from (Chiefs owner) Clark Hunt down to the guy opening the door in the building. Todd (Haley) and Scott did not fit well together. Scott needs a guy that fits. Josh (McDaniels) and Romeo fit."

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