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Insider: Tebow won't keep winning playing way he is

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Posted Dec. 18, 2011 @ 5:42 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "If anyone thinks (Tim) Tebow is going to continue to win playing the way he has, they are nuts. You've got to be able to throw from the pocket to win in this league. Eventually, you have to make plays with your arm. I'm talking about making accurate throws with (defenders) covering. He has done a helluva job — they are running the ball, playing good defense and not screwing it up. Tebow is not turning it over at all — give him a lot of credit there. But he is going to have a hard time consistently winning if he cannot make throws in the pocket."

• "The great thing about (Jets offensive consultant) Tom Moore — he understands matchups. He will help the coordinator (Brian Schottenheimer) the most with that." 

• "Give (Chiefs GM) Scott Pioli credit — it's Scott's way. Whatever he does from here, whether he crashes or succeeds ­— it definitely is his way."

• "There is an East Coast way, there is a Midwestern way and there is a West Coast way, and sometimes the water does not mix. No one talks about it much, but when you're looking to hire a head coach, it's one of the areas you have to take a look at it."

• "I loved (Chiefs NT) Kelly Gregg. He is smart, hardworking and tough — he was great for Baltimore — but he was done last year, and he was a movement nose. He's never been the stout, plug-the-middle, house that Romeo (Crennel) is looking for. (Gregg) didn't hand-shiver and hold the point like (Vince) Wilfork. What I don't understand — Shaun Rogers was in the building and ready to sign. Romeo coached him before. And he would have come a million (dollars) cheaper than Gregg. And they let him walk out the door. (Rogers) has been good for the Saints."

• "I have as many wins as Mike Shanahan does without John Elway. With the exception of (Bill) Belichick, coaches are only as good as their players."

• "The owner does not like the direction they are going in San Diego. And there could be changes in St. Louis. The front office is as dysfunctional as it gets there. It's been that way for a long time. (Steve) Spagnuolo is a really good coach — you can't take that away from him. If I'm the owner, I'm finding a way to support him. But the whole (operation) could get blown up."

• "Bill Cowher is very smart and calculating. He knows what it takes to win. He's not going somewhere just to take a paycheck like the Tuna (Bill Parcells) did in Miami. The worst thing that might have happened to Miami — they started winning games. They may not have a shot at a quarterback in the draft — and it's going to make it more difficult to attract a (big-)name (head coach) capable of flipping it quickly."

• "If you're looking at executives who have produced this year, you think of some of the regulars - obviously with what the Packers have done, you have to take your hat off to (GM) Ted Thompson. To keep the Texans winning with their third quarterback, you have to tip your hat to (Texans GM) Rick Smith. (Ravens GM) Ozzie (Newsome) is always one of the best. Another you have to put in that category is (Niners GM Trent) Baalke. Did anyone think the Niners would be as good as they have been? Jim Harbaugh has been outstanding, and it's even more impressive when you look at all the rookies on the field. Seven free agents are starting — Carlos Rogers was signed off the street. The center (Jonathan Goodwin) has played very steady. (PK David) Akers has been a big factor with how they are winning."

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