They said it: Packers Week 15 edition

Posted Dec. 15, 2011 @ 3:47 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

What follows are some noteworthy quotes from Packers players and coaches in advance of Green Bay's Week 15 game vs. the Chiefs in Kansas City this Sunday.

Packers OLG T.J. Lang on the strong performance by RB Ryan Grant in the rout over the Raiders:

"It was kind of a day we've been waiting for around here, rushing-wise. Ryan did a great job of setting up blocks and finding open creases and squeezing through and making guys miss. Definitely his best game of the year, and it's a good time to get the running game going late in the season." (Source:

Packers OLT Marshall Newhouse on the team's decision to play first-round rookie Derek Sherrod at left tackle for a couple series vs. Oakland:

"I trust that whatever they have in store is in the best interest of the team long term, whatever that might be. We're close to the end of the season and a playoff run and a Super Bowl. Whatever is needed, I'm here for it." (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on the loss of WR Greg Jennings for 2-3 weeks with a strained knee:

"Greg Jennings is a big weapon for us, no doubt about it, because of his ability to play all three positions. But with that, we'll have a distinct plan for Kansas City and just try to utilize our personnel. We're a multiple personnel, multiple formation variation football team. We feel we have enough to move forward. Greg will be missed, but with that it's more opportunities for the other perimeter players." (Source: Green Bay Press Gazettte).

Packers GM Ted Thompson's reaction after learning 19 different Packers players have scored TDs this season:

"Mike (McCarthy) does a good job using all the resources that we have. This is a long season, there are a lot of different circumstances and different defenses that you face. You have to use everybody. That's one of the things that shows up when people get nicked up. Somebody else has to come in and play. But we don't see a huge dramatic drop in the quality of the play because the players are ready. That's a testament to the coaching staff. They're ready. It's sort of that 'who's next?' thing." (Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

Packers NT B. J. Raji on there being no benefit in holding back and easing up at this stage of the season:

"I know Coach (McCarthy). "You don't win a Super Bowl by being scared. You just play. That's the message he's preaching. Just play the game because it's the game. That's the way you're supposed to play it. You're not supposed to be playing a game and looking at all of these scenarios of who you want to play. Generally, if you do things the right way, hopefully you get some luck in the injury thing. You have to respect the game of football. Obviously, we're in a great position. We're 13-0. We have a lot of things wrapped up. But ultimately, you never accomplish anything great by being scared. We have an option to go either way, but if you want to make history and do some things that haven't been done in a while, you have to take a chance." (Source: Associated Press).