Packers 60-second rant: Lady Luck has taken liking to Packers

Posted Dec. 13, 2011 @ 7:44 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

I wonder how difficult it was for Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to keep a straight face when he told the local media Monday that he thought the Chiefs could pose a more serious threat this Sunday following the firing of head coach Todd Haley on a "Mini Black Monday" that also included Tony Sparano's removal in Miami.

"It changes their environment there in Kansas City," McCarthy said of the switch from Haley to Romeo Crennel as the Chiefs' head coach on an interim basis. "It'll be something we talk about in our preparation because the worst thing you can do is think you're going in for a different type of football game when, to me, I think it'll be a game where they play with a lot of energy."

You wanna know what I think, Mike? Even though they still have a few nice players despite losing RB Jamaal Charles, their best offensive player, and SS Eric Berry, their best defensive player, very early in the season with injuries, there's no way the Packers are going down in K.C. this Sunday. Not with the Chiefs apparently seriously considering starting fifth-round rookie Ricky Stanzi under center in place of Tyler Palko, who stunk it up big-time in the loss to the Jets last Sunday that triggered Haley's demise.

What I think about more, though, is just how damn lucky the Packers seem to be all of the sudden. I could be really wrong, but I get the distinct feeling that all the cards are falling perfectly for a second straight Super Bowl appearance.

A remaining regular-season schedule that looked rather daunting the first half of the season now seems quite manageable. After the Chiefs, the Packers finish the season at home with bouts with the Bears, who have delivered nothing but bad news lately, and the Lions, who did everything in their power this past Sunday, it seemed, to give the lowly Vikings a shot at pulling off an upset.

Beyond that, there was the bullet the team dodged when it was learned WR Greg Jennings would only miss 2-3 weeks due to the strained knee he suffered last Sunday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Packers appear to have plenty of firepower in the short term to get by without Jennings, who should be a well-rested major weapon come playoff time.

Getting back to this Sunday, let me reiterate: There's no way in hell the Chiefs win this Sunday under Romeo Crennel.

Not with the Packers' poetry-in-motion offense continuing to excel.

Even without Jennings.