Vikings-Lions matchup of the day: Tuesday

Posted Dec. 06, 2011 @ 8:58 p.m.
Posted By Christian West

Here's a key matchup to watch in Sunday's Vikings-Lions game.

Lions WR Calvin Johnson vs. Vikings' secondary

The Vikings made a mockery of pass defense on multiple occasions this past Sunday against the Broncos, allowing WR Demaryius Thomas to run freely 20-plus yards down the field on three different occasions. With a wave of new players in the secondary, communication seemed to be the biggest problem as the safeties and corners were playing two different coverages, allowing Thomas to run free.

Those issues will need to be fixed with Calvin Johnson on the docket. With Johnson's size and speed, leaving him wide open down the field will lead to easy scores.

In the team's first matchup in Week Three, now-suspended CB Chris Cook did as well as any corner has in defending Johnson one-on-one, and Johnson still had 108 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Without Cook, Cedric Griffin will probably see the most snaps across from Johnson.

The Vikings will need to double Johnson on virtually every play and then hope he can't jump over both defenders to make another ridiculous catch. For a secondary in disarray, this is a terrible matchup.