Vikings had to end McNabb tenure

Posted Dec. 02, 2011 @ 3:05 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

It was obvious early on, our sources said, that QB Donovan McNabb and the Vikings would not be a heavenly match. They benched him after it became apparent that he could not lead the team anywhere close to contention and once they felt that Christian Ponder had spent enough time marinating in the system to start. But McNabb, who never was considered a great mentor and whose conditioning became a problem for members of the organization, had no remaining value in Minnesota. Thus, when he approached the team about being released, it was more than happy to oblige. Sources say that the move could end up helping Leslie Frazier's stock in the locker room as McNabb was seen to be his choice at QB. The question now becomes whether the move could stunt Joe Webb's development as a receiver. The team has had a desire to use Webb as a receiver, but he's now the backup quarterback.