Redskins' Hall remains part of team's future

Posted Dec. 02, 2011 @ 3:35 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

CB DeAngelo Hall has been called a lot of things in his eight pro seasons: playmaker, gambler, inconsistent, explosive. They all are true. And though it's hard to count on such wild variance and consider Hall to be a core guy, he remains one of the Redskins' better defensive players and a key part of their future. A few times per season, the Redskins will have to live with the kind of game he had against the Cowboys in Week 11, allowing crucial receptions that led to the overtime loss. But they also will get more of the types of games like he had against the Seahawks in Week 12, with six passes defended and clinching the game with an interception. Sure, he dropped a pick and missed a tackle on the sideline, but more often than not he was in the right place making plays. Hall has an exceptional nose for the ball and plays passes well in the air most times. At age 28, he remains a vital piece of what the team hopes will become a big-play unit with more seasoning next year.