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Insider: Suh not playing as well as portrayed

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Posted Nov. 27, 2011 @ 6:02 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "(Lions DT) Ndamukong Suh is so full of (crap). He's living off where he got drafted. People that think he has played well are scouting off ESPN and watching too many highlights. Yeah, he looks great in flashes against weak sisters. I wouldn't want him over either one of the guys we have. He is a coward."

• "Ron Rivera was brought to Carolina to fix the defense, but the defense is still broken. He needs to get it fixed."

• "Someone needs to call out Jon Gruden for hyping all of Bob LaMonte's clients. If they are repped by his (own) agent, they are great. Andy Reid is a genius. Mike Martz invented football. Enough is enough. When I watch football on television, I want to hear about the technical aspect — tell me about why the extra tackle is overloaded to one side and how the play was designed. If it didn't work, call it out. Gruden pumps so much sunshine it's become unbearable to watch."

• "I don't recall A.J. Smith ever delegating evaluations to the coaches or allowing them to have a strong say in it. You look at the moves to sign (Travis) LaBoy and (Takeo) Spikes — it sure looks like (defensive coordinator Greg) Manusky had a strong say in it. What that means for A.J., I don't know. … Darren Sproles took less (money) to go to New Orleans. Not being able to figure out a contract for him hurt the Chargers. Defensively, (Antoine) Cason is not playing well. He's not a man-cover guy, but that is what he is being asked to do. (Ryan) Mathews is not producing like a first-round pick — and they gave up picks to get him."

• "The 49ers are loaded with talent. They have it at 21 positions. It's the one position they don't have (QB) that you need to win a Super Bowl in this league."

• "There are too many insecure personnel people in this league. Their vision gets narrow, and they can't see what's about to hit them. The brightest are always looking left and looking right and understand that any piece of information can be beneficial. Information always helps make good decisions. Not until GMs have their backs up against the wall and know they are out if they can't get it right do they come around and start asking questions. Just because you are a GM (in title) does not mean you are going to have all the answers. There is so much to evaluate in this league. No one can do it all."

• "(Colts head coach Jim) Caldwell is getting up there in age. He's not Marv Levy old, but he's no young duck. This is a young man's game. It takes a lot of energy to get it right. At some point, you start asking yourself — do I really want to do this? Do I want to keep this schedule? … It's not easy to rebuild when you have Peyton Manning on the roster, but that's exactly what the Colts need to do."

• "QB rating is a (expletive) joke. You can fumble the ball twice and take needless sacks and it's not going to show up in the quarterback ratings. Look at Cam Newton against Minnesota. The two strip-sacks by Jared Allen cost the team 14 points. (The Panthers) lost by seven in that game. That's on the quarterback. That was probably (Newton's) worst game, yet he had his (second-)best quarterback rating."

• "(Bears DE Israel) Idonije is a beast. The Bears' defense is so good, they run the football well — they can get by without a star at quarterback."

• "Coaches hate scouts just like offensive coaches hate defensive coaches. It's like the Army and the Marines — they are in competition with each other."

• "The Cowboys are just barely getting by. They have the talent on their roster to be blowing teams out. Take the Eagles game — they just stopped running the ball. The Cowboys fell behind 14-0, and Jason Garrett abandoned the run. That's what Andy Reid does best — he jumps to an early lead and makes you change the way you play. It was not the Eagles' defense that stopped the Cowboys' run game — it was the Eagles' offense. I'm not a fan of Garrett. I don't know if the owner (Jerry Jones) has enough patience to let him develop."

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