Packers 60-second rant: Defensive awakening sends positive signal

Posted Nov. 16, 2011 @ 6:27 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

With apologies to Sonny and Cher, the beat goes on after the latest Packers beat-down, with the defense and special teams (Randall Cobb specifically) rising up this past Monday night to steal the thunder of a Green Bay offense that has become routinely flawless with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

Whether or not the Packers can deliver on both sides of the ball in the same fashion against Tampa Bay this Sunday afternoon, remains to be seen. But as I sit here cranking out my latest Packers rant late Wednesday afternoon, I have a strong feeling that the suddenly reeling Buccaneers just might be an easier mark than the Vikings were a few nights ago.

How does 50-10 grab you as a final score this Sunday?

Now, I certainly reserve the right to change that prediction, and taking into account the upset that the Bucs sprung on the Pack a few years back at Lambeau Field in Josh Freeman's first pro start, I probably will modify my numbers just a tad.

In the wee hours this past Sunday evening — without the benefit of knowing that the Packers would destroy the Vikings a little less than 24 hours later and enable pro football fans far and wide to go to bed early — I actually predicted in Pro Football Weekly's Handicapper's Corner that the Bucs would cover the early Vegas line of 13½ points.

Big mistake, my app amigos.

Even though the Vikings' offense really has nothing to offer except Adrian Peterson, who had an off night Monday, I'm fairly certain that the Packers' defensive effort against Minnesota was not a mirage. As was the case when the Packers pitched a shutout on the road last year against the Jets that nobody predicted, the effort put forth by Dom Capers' unit Monday night might have signaled a major turnaround moving forward.

With Clay Matthews suddenly producing multiple sacks again, and Tramon Williams suddenly intercepting passes again, it would appear things are looking up for the Packers' defense.

As I believe I mentioned in last week's rant, I really am starting to think the Packers can indeed run the table. I had it in my head that the Lions could very easily burst the Pack's balloon on Turkey Day, but after Detroit's turkey of a performance against the Bears this Sunday, I have my doubts.

Put simply, the Packers are looking better each week — with no end in sight to their perfection.

La-de-da-de-de … La-de-da-de-da … The beat goes on.

Sing it, Sonny (I mean) Danny!