Week 11 consensus selections

Posted Nov. 15, 2011 @ 6:48 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Below are the PFW consensus selections for this week, based on the editors' picks made one week in advance of the games. We also show three best bets — a fourth best bet, an over/under pick, is available each week with a subscription to PFW Online or the Handicapping Inner Circle.

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Home team in caps. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. (#) indicates best bet. Some Over/Unders not available.


Thursday night
N.Y. Jets -4½ vs. DENVER (40) ... N.Y. Jets

BALTIMORE -7 vs. Cincinnati (41½) ... Baltimore

Dallas -7½ vs. WASHINGTON (41½) ... Washington*

MIAMI -2½   vs. Buffalo (43) ... Buffalo

ATLANTA -6 vs. Tennessee (44½) ... Atlanta(#)

MINNESOTA -2 vs. Oakland (44) ... Oakland

CLEVELAND -1 vs. Jacksonville (36½) ... Cleveland

DETROIT -7 vs. Carolina (48½) ... Carolina*

GREEN BAY -13½ vs. Tampa Bay (49) ... Tampa Bay*

ST. LOUIS -2½ vs. Seattle (37½) ... St. Louis

SAN FRANCISCO -9½ vs. Arizona (41½) ... Arizona*

CHICAGO -4 vs. San Diego (46½) ... Chicago(#)

Sunday night
N.Y. GIANTS -3 vs. Philadelphia (47) ... N.Y. Giants

Monday night
NEW ENGLAND -12 vs. Kansas City ... New England(#)

Last week vs. spread ... 7-9

Season to date vs. spread ... 65-77-4

Last week best bets ... 2-2

Season to date best bets ... 21-18-1

Last week straight-up ... 6-10

Season to date straight-up ... 91-55