Five questions with Patriots ORG Brian Waters

Posted Nov. 03, 2011 @ 4:19 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

PFW associate editor Kevin Fishbain spoke with Patriots starting ORG Brian Waters this week's "Five questions with" leading up to Sunday's game against the Giants. This is Waters' first season in New England after 11 years in Kansas City, where he was named to the Pro Bowl five times.

PFW: You joined a mostly veteran group on the O-line with players like Matt Light and Logan Mankins. How did that help the transition, and what's it like playing with some of those guys?

Waters: Those guys know the system and it's been great to use them as an encyclopedia of all different things. They have a great understanding for our system, but also how it plays to the defense. Dan Connolly has done a great job communicating on the field. We have a couple young guys, Seabass (Sebastian Vollmer) and (Nate) Solder. Solder was just like me. He is still trying to catch up with everyone else in getting introduced to this offense. He's doing a great job communicating as well.

PFW: Is it ever difficult for an offensive lineman when you have different running backs to block for on any given play?

Waters: We don't pay attention. We just block our assignments. Those guys do what they need to do. We are running the system, and it is what it is. Up front, we just do our jobs and whatever those guys decide to do with the football, we know it will be a positive for us.

PFW: Looking back at the loss to the Steelers, what are some of the things the offensive line needs to improve upon?

Waters: We had too many penalties and too many mental errors. We didn't finish plays like we wanted to. As an offensive line, that was unacceptable and we expect to play a lot better this week.

PFW: Speaking of this week, you play a Giants team with a very talented defensive line. What do you need to do as a unit to keep them in check?

Waters: They are definitely the best pass-rushing defensive line in the league right now. They have six, seven guys who can get after the quarterback. They move guys around to get different matchups and situations. We'll have our hands full protecting Tom (Brady) this week. We feel like we have five, six guys that can do a good job if we pay attention to our techniques and understand what to do from play to play.

PFW: What has it been like to be coached by Dante Scarnecchia?

Waters: He has a great understanding of what we're trying to accomplish from play to play. He's very demanding and he doesn't hold back. He treats everybody the same no matter what you're status — Pro Bowl, rookie, just stepping into this league — he will treat you the same and push you to the highest level. That's one thing you can respect about him that he will treat you the same no matter what your status is.