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Del Pilar's Mailbag: Wednesday edition

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Posted Nov. 02, 2011 @ 11:12 a.m. ET
By William Del Pilar

CJ2K remains a focal point of fantasy mailbag questions and for good reason. Javon Ringer could see more and more carries if he plays well and gets hot. Johnson has a favorable schedule come fantasy playoff time, but you're taking a chance with him in a trade.

Week Nine brings the following teams on byes: Panthers, Lions, Jaguars, and Vikings. That means you lose QBs Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, RBs Maurice Jones-Drew and Adrian Peterson and WRs Steve Smith and Calvin Johnson.

Don't forget to check out Pro Football Weekly's rankings, as they're proven to be the best in the industry. At PFW, we don't just take the NFL seriously; we take fantasy just as seriously. As much as you want insight, the truth is, every service, every expert, every "wannabe" fantasy analyst checks the rankings to start. When you're in a jam, head to our player rankings section for that quick answer, especially on Sunday mornings.

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I have been offered Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster for Tony Romo, Ray Rice and Dez Bryant. Would you suggest I make this trade?
— Steve via email

I would do it because Romo's in a slump and I'm beginning to think it's a combination of bad play-calling and not having this team prepared well. Romo will improve as his ribs get better, but his downturn began about the same time. You're gaining a bit more with Foster, so it boils down to Dez Bryant, but the point-differential Rodgers brings to the table makes it worth it. Do it.

Is Kevin Faulk going to be New England's number one back? Would you pick him up? Where would you play him?
— fjansen via email

Faulk is going to be part of the mix, and as long as he can produce, the team has faith in him as a veteran leader and someone who can protect the football. However, BenJarvus Green-Ellis will be part of the mix, too, making both of them inconsistent. Because of that they make flex plays or bye-week fill-ins at best, barring a favorable matchup. You add Stevan Ridley and Danny Woodhead seeing touches and possibly dominating a game if they get hot, and Faulk's only good for depth on a roster.

I need a defense next week. Should I play the Chargers defense or should I pick up Kansas City or the Raiders defense for next week?
— Peter via email

I think the Raiders against an inaccurate Broncos QB Tim Tebow is your best bet. They made fantasy winners out of the Lions' defense in Week Nine and could do the same for the Raiders.

My position players are MJD, Beanie, Blount, Daniel Thomas, Megatron, Andre, Bowe, Julio Jones, Helu, and Demaryius Thomas. I was considering trading Beanie and MJD for a top running back. Which running backs would you do this for? If I did this I would be playing two RBs and 3 wideouts. I could throw Vernon Davis into this trade if need be with Hernandez as my other tight end.
— Scott via email

You'll have to combine someone like Beanie Wells or Maurice Jones-Drew with a Bowe or Julio Jones to trade for an elite back or Megatron straight up. It's not about determining which backs you want, but what teams in your league have players that can fill a need. From there, do they have a back you can use? Once you determine that, then you can formulate your trade strategy.

I have two short questions. Would you rather have WR James Jones or Antonio Brown in the long run? If I have Benjarvus Green-Ellis, should I pick up Kevin Faulk now?
— Trey via email

Antonio Brown in the long run because what you see is what you'll get out of Jones, who is an inconsistent receiver with a big game. Brown is in the same boat but has less targets, and Big Ben looks for him, as well. It's not a matter of picking up Kevin Faulk as much as Faulk muddies it up. You can add him if you have the room, but he's not the handcuff. If BGE goes down, it'll remain a committee, with Stevan Ridley taking the role of BGE.

Please help me choose two WRs and one flex in a PPR league out of: Hakeem Nicks, Welker, Mike Williams (TB), Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Joseph Addai, Ben Tate. Also for my QB: Tebow, Andy Dalton, or try to pick up Bradford.
— Kyle via email

I would go with Nicks and Welker as your top two wideouts. They're both elite, and Nicks should be OK for the weekend despite the knee. Welker's bound to get hot again. In the flex, go with Mike Williams against the Saints. I like Decker, but not his quarterback (Tim Tebow). As much as I don't like Tebow as an NFL quarterback, as a fantasy quarterback he has the most upside for you. Dalton's the best quarterback, but has a bad matchup this week.

I have R. White, A.J. Green, S. Rice, M. Crabtree, and M. Manningham, who do you think I should start this week? I appreciate any advice you have.
— William

I like White this week and the upside he has facing the Colts. If he's going to break out of his mediocrity, it'll be this week.

I have no idea who to start at QB. I have J. Flacco, T. Tebow, and R. Fitzpatrick. I can pick up Carson Palmer on the waiver wire.
— Tyler via email

Your problem is the two best players to start — Flacco and Fitzpatrick — face the Steelers and Jets. Tebow's legs have much more potential than Palmer's arm, so go with Tebow.


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