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Posted Oct. 26, 2011 @ 4:38 p.m. ET
By Tom Danyluk

Last weekend's NFL action chalked up as some of the finest ever seen. Browns 6, Seahawks 3 … Jaguars 12, Ravens 7 … six interceptions from the Oakland boys. Hoo brother, a league in midseason form.

Elsewhere in the news:

Jets' Ryan: 'We'd Crush the '66 Packers Like Stalin'

6,000 Imaginary Fans, Imaginary Network Blimp Attend T.O. Comeback Workout

Citing Economic Concerns, Goodell Cancels NBA Games Through January

Seeking Ratings Boost, CBS Assigns Aleister Crowley to Bengals-Seahawks Telecast

Direct TV's 'Tinkerbell' Deion in Critical Condition After Flyswatter Attack

QB Gabbert's Hair Auditions for Role in 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Outer Space Adventure'

Paterno on Health: 'Eat Right, Exercise, Take It One Century at a Time'

Gout Website to Sponsor Titans' 32nd-ranked Ground Attack

Out of Ideas, NFL Network To Premier Show Ranking Top Ten 'Top Ten' Episodes

Tebow Summoned to Brussels for Emergency EU Debt Conference

Colts' Polian: 'We're One Player Away from Being Good'

Obama Invites 0-16 Lions Team to White House, Honoring 'Only 0-19 Team in History'

Tastycake, Hostess in War to Sponsor 2012 Rutgers Schedule

Miller Lite Boasts Its Commercials Are More Stupider Than Bud Light's Ones

ESPN's Millen: 'I See Andrew Luck Going No Lower Than the Sixth Round'

Jaguars' Passing Scheme Announces Merger with Make-A-Wish Foundation

Fox's Jay Glazer Claims He Knew Third Secret of Fatima Before Vatican

Over-exuberant Brown Says Greg Cook, Ickey Woods on Cincy Trading Block

Carson Palmer Denies Purchasing Jay Schroeder Throwback Jersey

Fox's Aikman Absolutely Convinced Partner Joe Buck Is 'Absolutely Right' During Most Broadcasts

Big East Denies Interest in Dolphins: 'We're Trying to Upgrade'

CBS Pregame Show Pledges Record Donation to Remedial Reading Institute

Sunday's Browns-Seahawks Game Registers Lowest TV Ratings Since Last Browns-Seahawks Game

Wall Street Whispers: Was 'Big Tuna' Parcells Behind Collapse at Netflix?

ESPN's Rachel Nichols Smashes Record for Most Career Postgame 'What Are Your Feelings…?' Inquiries

Lingerie League 'Fantasy Challenge' Is Obscene, Appellate Court Rules

Consultant Who Recommended Jacksonville as 'Prime Expansion Opportunity' Whacked by League Special Forces

Seeking Image Change, NFC West Renames Itself 'Big NFC West'


Tom Danyluk is an award-winning freelance writer based in Chicago. His book on pro football, "The Super '70s," is available at You can contact Tom at

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