They said it: Vikings Week Seven

Posted Oct. 21, 2011 @ 12:49 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Head coach Leslie Frazier on whether the move to Christian Ponder will be permanent:

"He's our starting quarterback. There is no wavering. I told our team we're counting on him to lead us over the remainder of the season barring injuries or anything."

QB Christian Ponder on his relationship with new backup Donovan McNabb:

"We have a great relationship on and off the field, and he wished me luck and he is going to be there each step of the way this year and I am very grateful to have him. Especially in the preseason when I was playing, he was on the sideline, helping me out, telling me what he saw and what he thinks I need to do.  And in the film room; all year we have sat in there together and he has talked about things that he has seen and what the looks for on film. Obviously he has those 13 years of experience so he knows a little more than I do."

Defensive coordinator Fred Pagac on the struggling play of CB Cedric Griffin:

"Cedric would tell you he wants to improve, get more consistent and whether that's a physical situation because of the knee or not, I don't know that but he's a guy, and again, he's not the only guy, there are 11 guys on the field at one time."