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Del Pilar's Mailbag: Wednesday edition

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Posted Oct. 19, 2011 @ 11:18 a.m. ET
By William Del Pilar

The Wednesday edition of the PFW fantasy football mailbag has William Del Pilar answering your WDIS questions. Week Seven is here and the following teams are on byes: Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles and 49ers. That means you lose some big guns this week: QBs Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Michael Vick; RBs Fred Jackson, Cedric Benson, Ahmad Bradshaw and Frank Gore; WRs Stevie Johnson, A.J. Greene, Wes Welker and Hakeem Nicks; TEs  Jermaine Gresham, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and Vernon Davis.

There are well over a dozen top-end players on the bench this week. It's a great weak to take advantage of an owner who's not paying attention.

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Who are some good people to trade for right now?
— Reilly via email

Injured players always carry a lower trade value. RB Felix Jones (ankle), RB LeGarrette Blount (knee), WR Andre Johnson and TE Antonio Gates are a few that come to mind. When you look to trade for any player, always check their schedule both short and long-term.

With Wes Welker and Desean Jackson on bye, who is a better fill-in — Torrey Smith or Greg Little? I am leaning towards Little. R. Gronkowski is my TE and I picked up Fred Davis, even before Cooley got injured Sunday, as my bye week fill-in. I don't like holding two TEs. Should I consider trading Gronk and what value would he have?
— Keith via email

Keith, I like Little better as his targets have increased every week since Week Three. He's physical and can make the tough catch. I wouldn't trade Gronkowski. As much as I've been a Fred Davis fan, that's too many points you lose. Unless you're able to garner strength at a position you're lacking, I wouldn't do it.

Should I trade Fred Davis and David Akers for Steven Jackson and Tim Tebow? My QB situation stinks with Roethlisberger and Hasselbeck, and the other team needs a TE and K. I have Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte as my RBs, and adding Jackson would give me 3 strong rushers in a 10-team flex league (standard scoring). Jermichael Finley is my starting TE, Larry Fitzgerald is my WR, and Dan Bailey is my other K. Thanks for your time, I appreciate your input.
— Vic via email

I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Your starter's a stud and you can find another kicker. Tebow's legs bring you upside and though he may flop, you still have Jackson. You're giving up nothing to grab a No. 2 back with No. 1 upside. In fact, I don't see the other owner accepting it, but give it a shot.

I drafted Dallas Clark and finally cut him for Tim Tebow last week. I'm starting Kellen Winslow right now. Should I drop him for Lance Kendricks?
— Raghu via email

That's a good question and a tough spot you're in. I'm in a similar one in a high-stakes league. I went with Kendricks as I needed upside and I'm hoping he can eventually get it going. What you see is what you get with Winslow — about eight targets, five receptions, 43 yards and no TDs. That tells me I'd rather have Kendricks, who has looked bad but has upside.

I have L. McCoy, A. Foster, M. Forte, and Fred Jackson. M. Schaub is my QB and I just swapped K. Orton for T. Tebow. I have been offered M. Vick and B. Marshall or M. Stafford and B. Marshall or take out Marshall and insert Benson … for … McCoy and Schaub or McCoy and Brandon Lloyd. Who would you go with at QB, Vick or Stafford? Or should I trust in Schaub and keep my four monster backs? (My WRs are Bowe, Lloyd, Finley, Manningham, and Lance Moore.)
— C-Biscuit via email

Vick brings the upside of rushing TDs and an ability to give you extra points with his rushing yards. I also believe Vick may not make it through the season without getting hurt because of his style of play. He's been taking a pounding so far. Stafford's right up there with Vick right now in fantasy production, but can he continue his pace? I don't see why not, barring injury to anyone. Vick can do a lot on his own whereas Stafford relies on his arm. I would go for Stafford in the deal and Benson over Marshall. You don't lose as much with Benson on roster, though he's no McCoy and you upgrade your QB position.

I have a couple of good guys on bye and need to fill my Flex spot. I still have some decent options but can't decide.  Should I start Jonathan Stewart, Jackie Battle, Doug Baldwin or Mike Williams (TB) at my Flex spot?
— Brian via email

I like Battle's matchup this week against the Raiders, who are allowing opposing backs 173 offensive yards per game. He has an opportunity to do well and is worth a flex position slot. That's if he starts.

I took a beating last week losing Peyton Hillis and Felix Jones. My RB position is stable but I could really use a boost. Rashard Mendenhall and Jackie Battle are free agents and I'm definitely looking to pick one up. I feel Mendenhall may bring me some big numbers but I just have a feeling Battle may see enough touches that he may show some big numbers too! Any help would be very much appreciated!
— Rob via email

Rob, no question, it's Mendenhall. He's a top-10 fantasy back and the team seems to be coming out of it's early-season issues with the line and Mendenhall. Granted, it was just one game, but it was against the Jaguars, a team that can stuff backs. Battle isn't even guaranteed to start yet, though I believe he'll have every shot to win the job. Long- or short-term, no matter how you slice it, Mendenhall is your best bet.

I need your help! My QB Tom Brady has a bye week. My backup is Mark Sanchez, but I'm not too confident starting him. So I'm thinking of picking up a free agent. These are the ones that I am looking at: Matt Cassell, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, Kevin Kolb. Do you think I should go with Sanchez or pick up one of the free agents listed above? Or do you have a better QB option in mind? I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter. Thanks.
— Alejandro via email

Bradford has a high ankle sprain, so he's out of consideration. Ponder's a rookie making his first start, so he's out. Kolb is playing poorly and facing the Steelers. The Raiders have had Cassel's number the last two years, so he's out. That leaves McCoy or Sanchez, and the Chargers are playing great defense limiting quarterbacks over their last three games to only one touchdown per game. The Seahawks are allowing over 300 yards and nearly two touchdowns per game. If you're brave enough, go Colt McCoy as he has the better matchup, but you are in a quandary. Sanchez is an x-factor because the Chargers have a mixed history traveling east to play.


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