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Browns They Said It: Week Seven

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By PFW staff

The following are quotes from the Browns' media availability on Wednesday. Quotes are from transcripts provided by the team:

Head coach Pat Shurmur on RB Chris Ogbonnaya, signed off of Houston's practice squad Tuesday to replace Armond Smith, who was waived:

"Chris played at Texas, we had him at St. Louis for a year, he played a lot for us and then he was on and off the active roster for Houston through last year, training camp and this year. I think he's a good zone runner, he's good in pass protection, he catches the ball well and I have some history with him. When he was available and we're not sure of  (Peyton Hillis') ability as we move forward, we felt like a need to go get a guy who has logged more time in the league than Armond (Smith) at this point. That's why we did it."

Shurmur on how the running game can improve:

"We need to run it better. We have to look at every phase of how we run the football. The runs we run, the ones that are good we've got to go back to more and then we've got be able to consistently run the ball throughout the game and I think that's an important piece too. Most NFL games, you'll see a lot of two-yard, three-yard, five-yard gains and all of a sudden after awhile, boom, you break one. You look at the game the other day, they had a 24-yard run to start the game. That pads that average right away. Then, after that there were not a lot of explosive plays. I think the more attempts you have you obviously have more opportunities to get that average up, you're always trying to get yards on every play."

Shurmur on Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson, whose status for Sunday is unclear because of a pectoral injury, and Jackson's backup, Charlie Whitehurst:

"We feel our basic plan will be the same regardless of who is playing quarterback. They've both found a way to be efficient in their style and within their system and they've both actually executed very well since they've gone to some of that no-huddle (offense). It won't be a considerable difference. Tarvaris Jackson is obviously more of a threat as a runner, but I think Whitehurst does a good job of if it's not there being able to push up in the pocket and get yards. We're going to need to really attack their scheme, defend their scheme and I wouldn't say it's so much of a huge difference."

CB Joe Haden on his prospects of playing on Sunday after missing Week Six with a knee injury:

"It's still up in the air. It's getting better every day so we don't really know right now. I am just going to keep coming in and getting treatment and hopefully it will be ready."
QB Colt McCoy on the offense's tendency to start slowly:

"I saw a stat this morning where we were getting outscored 34-3 in the first quarter or something. That's just pretty poor. We've got to do a better job. The second quarter for whatever reason we kind of come alive, and that's how offenses are supposed to work right there. We know we can do it. We've just got to collectively not mess up. Don't mess up on the little things. Don't screw basic plays up. When we can do that across the board then I think as a team, as an offense, we'll move the ball and have an opportunity to win. When you kind of beat yourself up and slow yourself down by messing up on little things, that's when you kind of get out of rhythm and all of a sudden its 3rd-and-long and you're off the field. That's the frustrating part."

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