Browns They Said It: Week Six

Posted Oct. 14, 2011 @ 11:14 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

The following are quotes from the Browns' media availability on Thursday. Quotes are from transcripts provided by the team:

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur on whether he had been with a team that depends on as many rookies as Cleveland and how challenging that is for a coach: “I’ve never been around this many rookies either starting or contributing in a big way. As far as challenges as a coach, it’s fun because everything they’re going through, even if they’ve done it before at the college level, it’s all new to them. Most young players are very eager, their legs are fresh and we picked them for the reasons that they can play in this league. The challenge is to just keep working with them and if they don’t get it the first time you tell them again. If they screw it up the second time, you tell them again. For all players, you hope their level of knowledge of the game, their experience in the game and their talent all takes them to a point where they’re producing.”

Shurmur on the Raiders' defensive front seven: “I think their front four, obviously the two inside guys are doing a heck of a job, (Tommy) Kelly, obviously (Richard) Seymour and (John) Henderson. They’ve got some big guys in there and you’re starting to see a lot of production from the inside guys. The outside guys are playing steady and then I think the linebackers, they’re very talented players. (Rolando) McClain is a big, physical guy and I think it’s a very good front, I really do, and I think they’re very talented. I think they’re going to get better on defense statistically although I’m not a big one on that because when I look at the tape I’ve always kind of felt they’ve been good. But, they’re big, sturdy, physical guys and I think that’s a good starting point.”

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron on how not having CB Joe Haden (knee) would affect the defense in Week Six: "It would be a big blow obviously, there's no way around that one. Joe has played at a very, very high level so far this year and is a very enthusiastic player. He's important to us, but like every team in the league, it's a rough game and people get hurt and they sometimes they can't go. We will just have to wait and see with Joe."

Jauron on Raiders RB Darren McFadden and whom he reminds him of at the position: "I haven't seen anyone in a long time that he reminds me of. He obviously is having a tremendous year and he's a tremendous talent. He's always looked the same, I believe that he's had injuries that have kept him limited at play time at different times in his career. Now, he's staying healthy which has been really good for them and really bad for their opponents. He's a unique back. He's skilled obviously running the ball and they run it well. … He's very skilled at catching the ball, too. He's got really good hands. They will put him out on the edges and try to create mismatches in that way. He's a rare talent."