Becoming a Niner a dream come true for Rogers

Posted Oct. 14, 2011 @ 4:20 a.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

It appears that playing for the Niners has really been a dream come true for free-agent CB Carlos Rogers.

After managing only eight interceptions in his first six seasons in Washington, Rogers all of a sudden has become an interception machine in San Francisco, with thefts in three straight games, including a 31-yarder for a TD in the Week Five rout of the Buccaneers that he actually dreamed would occur.

"That was just crazy," Rogers told PFW. "Dreams do come true, I guess. It was like, 'Wow!' My parents said the same thing when I told them."

That the Niners had repeatedly practiced the combination TE-WR route on which Rogers made his "pick-six" might have had something to do with his nocturnal premonition.

Same goes for the Niners' defense's 24/7 opportunistic mindset under new head coach Jim Harbaugh and new defensive cordinator Vic Fangio.

"We talk all the time about takeaways, period," Rogers said. "Whether it's stripping the ball, interceptions, all those things. It's all about taking advantage of every opportunity. We could have had two or three more (takeaways) if we would have caught some balls."

Bad hands has been a rap Rogers has had to put up with for a while now, and PFW asked Rogers if that perception has made him more motivated to hang on to interceptions with his new team.

"I really don't think about that," he said. "It always just boils down to concentration."

What has made a big difference, Rogers told PFW, was the Niners' coaching staff's willingness to just let him play free.

"They've done a good job of knowing who I am, putting me into situations to make plays, and not comparing me to other corners around the league."

It hasn't taken long for Rogers to become one of the team's more popular players.

"The guys listen to him, and with the Niners playing teams from the NFC East this year, he has had a lot to say," said one daily team observer. "He's been the real deal."

Rogers can't say enough good things about Harbaugh.

"He's just a regular blue-collar guy, and that's the way he wants all of us to be," Rogers said. "We're all on the same page."