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Del Pilar's Fantasy Football Mailbag: Wednesday Edition

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Posted Oct. 12, 2011 @ 11:16 a.m. ET
By William Del Pilar

The Wednesday edition of the PFW fantasy football mailbag has William Del Pilar answering your WDIS questions. Week Six brings you the following teams on bye: Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Titans, Cardinals and Seahawks. You're losing the services of players like QB Philip Rivers, RB Willis McGahee and WRs Dwayne Bowe and Sidney Rice. Prepare properly as we enter the midway point of the fantasy season.

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I'm torn between WR Jabar Gaffney or WR Antonio brown on a waiver wire in one of my leagues. Help a brother out!
— officialdundee via Twitter

This depends on your team depth. If you need points desperately, Gaffney will bring you that, as he's a steady 60-yard-per-week player. If you're looking to watch a player and see if his role can increase or if he becomes a major player, Brown is the one. He's not catching much, but he's seeing targets. He's a boom-or-bust player, thus my inclination is to go Gaffney for the steady points.

Brandon Marshall an automatic sit with Matt Moore at qb and facing Revis?
— WilsonCE via Twitter

Marshall's probably one of your better receiving alternatives, so when you play him look at him sensibly. Patriots WR Wes Welker still got his with Revis covering him. Marshall may be shut down, but he's probably still better as your flex position receiver than any other wideout you own. At worst, he's a great bye week or injury fill-in. Odds are he's a bench, but if he still gives your fantasy team the best chance to win, you have to play him vs. grabbing someone like WR Devin Aromashodu and hoping.

Can only keep one TE, R. Gronkowski or A. Hernandez?
— brndmata via Twitter

You own two of the three elite tight ends this season. Keep Gronkowski, as he's the touchdown tight end, but don't waive Hernandez. Do whatever you can to pick up depth on your squad for him. He's too valuable to just waive.

V. Cruz and P. Garcon are available. Do you think they can keep up this fantasy production?
— SleeVeSDoE via Twitter

Neither player can at their current pace, and I believe Garcon has the greater value as it's his and Reggie Wayne's show with the other wideouts and TE Dallas Clark ineffective. Cruz will come back to Earth and he is the team's slot receiver sharing targets with No. 1 Hakeem Nicks and No. 2 Mario Manningham. Garcon's also not a fluke, and while we know Cruz has potential, he's never done this so let's see him do it long-term. Grab Garcon.

Is Brandon Lloyd worth starting anymore? He's done nothing all yr!
— mgreenberg23 via Twitter

First, you can't make that blanket statement. He's had two good games vs. two bad, so be sensible. But you are right, with Tim Tebow as a starter, he won't get better. Lloyd is in a run-first offense that has a run-first quarterback. You shouldn't dump Lloyd, but view him as a No. 3 fantasy receiver.

Ok so out of Pierre Garcon, Victor Cruz and Darrius Heyward-Bey what should my waiver wire priority listing be? I'm so confused I don't know who is going to have the most value down the line.
— Rob via email

I would go Garcon, Cruz and Heyward-Bey based on how Cruz is playing. That's for the short-term. But long-term, I would say Garcon, Heyward-Bey and Cruz. Cruz will come back to earth, but Heyward-Bey may finally getting it together. If you're not confident in Heyward-Bey long-term, then go Cruz before him, but Garcon is who you want.

Hi, I need a replacement for QB Rivers during his bye. I currently have M. Shaub on the bench, but am worried about him against Baltimore's D! In my own analysis, my other options on waiver are Alex Smith or Jason Campbell. What should I do?
— jermajesty via email

I don't blame you and if WR Andre Johnson (hamstring) was available, I'd say to go for it. The Ravens clamped down on the Jets and will have worked on that secondary. Schaub could have big yardage by throwing underneath, but that's a dink-and-dunk game the Ravens would win. He's still your best bet, but Campbell against the Browns is a better matchup. Pick him up and let's see how Schaub's knee does before making a final decision.

In a PPR league I am being offered D. Bryant for F. Jones, I do need help at WR and Bryant will give me help and having some depth at RB such as R. Matthews, F. Gore, D. Williams, and F. Jones. I'm not too sure if it's a smart move? Thank you in advance.
— Nathan via email

I would make that trade because I'm not a Felix Jones fan. Jones isn't producing very well and the Cowboys are a pass-first team whether anyone wants to admit that or not. You have three starters, but I would move to grab a Kendall Hunter or Jonathan Stewart to back up those starters. Also I'm not sure what your WR depth is and it's possible you don't need him. Only you can answer that.

I have both Jermichael Finley and Jimmy Graham, PPR league. Haven't had the guts to bench Finley yet and start Graham. Should I change that this week?
— Ben via email

Ben, I have to tell you, I would have traded Finley after his three-TD game, when he was on top of the world. Jimmy Graham is going to end the season as the top tight end barring injury to him or QB Drew Brees. Finley's a great value and should warrant you someone like Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Cam Newton, etc. For this week, go with Graham, as he has the better matchup.


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