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Browns They Said It: Bye-week edition

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By PFW staff

Here's a sampling of quotes from head coach Pat Shurmur and Browns players from Tuesday's media availablity. Quotes are from transcripts provided by the club:

Shurmur's opening statement:

"I think we had a good practice. Players of note that you didn't see out here today, obviously (C) Alex Mack. His surgery (to remove his appendix) went well, he's resting, I guess, comfortably. One of the first things he asked for was his grade sheet from Sunday. He's getting himself back mentally and we'll see how he does as we move forward. It's too early to speculate as to his availability for Oakland. (CB) Joe Haden wasn't out here as well, he actually came in and looked pretty good, but I think it was better served he get his work done inside and (WR-RS) Joshua Cribbs as well. Again, we felt like he made good progress overnight and he was inside as well. Otherwise, I think everybody else was out here of note. (Practice-squad RB) Xavier Omon went home, his girlfriend is having a baby so I think that's about it. Otherwise, everybody was out here. We spent most of the practice working on individual, skills and breakdown from individual routes to blocks to taking on blocks. There was some tackling even though we weren't in pads and then we finished up with 7-on-7, team and then two 10-minute periods dedicated for special teams as well. We just went back to the basics, I think it's an important thing this time of year as we get ourselves ready for the latter part of the season."

On whether there's optimism whether Haden, who has a knee strain, will be able to play in Week Six at Oakland after the club's bye:

"Yeah, I think everybody we've mentioned, I'm not ruling any of them out right now. We'll have to see as we go here through the end of the week. We'll know more as we go forward, we're hopeful."

Shurmur on adjustments the club could make over the final 12 games of the season:

"I've already spent a lot of time looking at everything we've done, not only in the first four games, but also through the preseason, offensively. There'll be some things we'll focus on more and things we'll focus on less. You'll probably see more of certain guys in the game then you may have seen. Those are the types of things. There'll be plays and concepts we'll use more and some we'll put on the shelf for a while. Those are what you do; making wholesale changes is not the way to go. We have plenty of things we do base wise that I think are important that we emphasize. Then, just continue to try to get the ball to the guys that we know can make plays. On defense it would be the same. We have a scheme of defense that we play and the emphasis will be how to play that scheme better, a wrinkle or two, but without changing in the foundation. The same goes for special teams. How do we get what we do better and where do we maybe want to shift our focus in terms of becoming even better?"

Shurmur on second-year QB Colt McCoy's capacity to improve:

"He's a young player and in my mind almost a rookie. His improvement can be great from practice-to-practice and game-to-game, I think a lot."

McCoy on how he has played in the first four games:

"I would be the first to tell you that there are a lot of things that you can work on, improve on, but I think it's a process. The guys in here are working really hard. I'm working really hard. I know our coaches are working really hard to really kind of get where we want to be. As for the game last, we lost so it's hard to evaluate your play when you lose because that's the only thing that's on your mind. We've just got to regroup, stay together and keep fighting."

Browns OLT Joe Thomas on whether he knew how ill Mack was:

"No, he was complaining like the whole day and the night before that his stomach hurt and I'm not a doctor. You never know what it's going to be, but obviously I was a little surprised to come in on Monday and he had appendicitis, which is obviously pretty difficult to deal with much less play an entire NFL game."

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