Bears 60-second rant: WR Williams proving doubters right

Posted Sept. 27, 2011 @ 7:57 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

The Bears handed Roy Williams a starting job as soon as he arrived at training camp, and offensive coordinator Mike Martz was glowing in his assessment of the eighth-year Cowboys castoff. Martz called him an elite receiver and predicted he would have 70-80 catches — a feat Williams hasn't come close to achieving since he played in Martz's offense in Detroit in 2006-07 — this season.

Some people dismissed Martz's praise as pie in the sky, and thus far, Williams is proving skeptics correct.

Williams sat out in Week Two with a groin injury and made just as many catches when he returned against the Packers as he did watching from the sideline a week earlier. Some of Jay Cutler's worst throws vs. Green Bay were directed at Williams and resulted in two interceptions, but Williams did some damage, too, dropping a pass at the goal line that would have been a touchdown.

Three games into the season, Williams has four catches for 55 yards. He's on pace for 21 catches in what was supposed to be a 70-80 catch year, and the on-field rapport between he and Cutler appears next to nonexistent at this point.

"Not a lot of time with Roy," Cutler said Sunday. "It didn't happen overnight. Missing camp, injuries. He's still a little bit sore. Until we put some real time in there and we get some practices and we get some reps and everyone's comfortable, it's hard. You can ask any quarterback."

That doesn't say much for Williams, and we're nearing the completion of the first quarter of the season. The Bears were looking for a No. 1 receiver when they signed Williams, and they still appear to be without one heading into Week Four.

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