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They said it: Browns Week Two

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By PFW staff

The following are quotes from head coach Pat Shurmur and Browns players from transcripts provided by the club:

Shurmur on the Colts: "A lot has been talked about with the loss of Peyton Manning, but they're an extremely talented team on offense that's now being quarterbacked by a very veteran guy that's won a lot of games. When I watch them on offense I see a team, regardless of who the quarterback is, you see a lot of the same principles offensively that they're famous for running in terms of their run game, their pass concepts and I would assume that Kerry Collins will be one week better executing their offense. Defensively, they're a Tampa-2 style that plays a lot of three-deep. They are very fast and a team that you have to take care of the two defensive ends. That's where it starts in terms of their pass rush. Again, they're a very fast team and if they get you in a situation where its pass all the time, that's where they become very dangerous. It's an opponent that we're obviously taking very seriously. Preparation is all ready going fast and furious."

Shurmur on why the offense was out of rhythm somewhat on Sunday vs. CIncinnati and what it can do to improve upon that: "Well, the first quarter you can boil it down to penalties, in my opinion. When you have penalties and long third-down situations, then your percentage of making those long third downs goes down, and you don't get as many plays as you would if you're moving the football like we did in the middle part of the game.  We had efficient runs in that part of the game, and I think that's important. You have to stay ahead of the downs and get into manageable third-down situations. We have to try and get yards on every play. In practice, what you work on is the general efficiency of your plays, everything from staying on side, to the right usage of the snap count, to the execution of the blocking scheme, to the throw and the catch and the run. The emphasis goes there, and typically you get what you emphasize."

On the Browns' wide receivers: "I made the comment that we were going to play all the receivers that were active and we did that. I think we're learning about the receivers, and even though you see them operate in practice and in preseason games, I'm getting a better feel for those guys now that we've seen one real full game. We'll change the groupings around a little bit. I wouldn't say we're going to play one guy more than the other, but guys that need to touch the football — Josh (Cribbs) needs to touch the football, Greg Little needs to touch the ball, there's a place for Brian Robiskie to touch it and I think Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) showed up. I went into the game not knowing how much Mo could handle in terms of the workload and he had quite a few snaps. I'm forgetting exactly off hand how many, but it was a little bit of a challenge for him just because he hadn't had a bunch of practice. We'll get him more and more as well."

QB Colt McCoy on the need to have a solid running game vs. the Colts: “It’s important, it really is. Houston was able to get out early because they were able to run the ball. I think we need to establish that. Again, it’s collectively as a whole with offense, defense and special teams, we all watched the tape together and we see it. That is, in a way, good for us to know we are a lot better than the way we played, we just have to go do it. We have an opportunity this week to go to Indianapolis on the road and they’re a great team and we’re going to have to play really good to win.”

OLT Joe Thomas' take on whether Dwight Freeney's speed will prove a bigger challenge for Thomas than Freeney's strength: "Not really. It's funny because he is kind of known for the spin and for his speed, but he's one of the strongest players in the league. You see him picking up (335-pound) tackles and throwing them and getting to the quarterback. Even though he is most well-known for his spin move and for his speed, he is probably one of the strongest players in the league even though he is a little bit shorter."

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