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Five questions with Vikings DE Brian Robison

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Posted Sept. 15, 2011 @ 9:47 p.m. ET
By Eric Edholm

PFW caught up with Vikings DE Brian Robison, who had a strong debut as the new starter opposite Jared Allen. Robison shared a sack with Allen and had a pressure that led to an Antoine Winfield interception in the loss to the Chargers in Week One. Robison talked about the disappointing loss, about his own play and the matchup against the Buccaneers at home on Sunday.

PFW: What was most frustrating defensively as a team about Sunday's loss?

BR: I think there are two things that really stand out. The missed tackles, the opportunities to get off the field on third downs and put our offense back on the field. We didn't take advantage of those opportunities. And then the penalties down the stretch. Those are penalties that you just can't have late in the game. Those were the two most frustrating things going back and watching that game.

PFW: Was your stamina where you wanted it to be by game's end?

BR: I felt like I could play some more. Things are just going to get better as we go throughout the year as we get more game reps. I was very happy with my stamina and conditioning coming off the first game. I just think it will get better as the year goes on.

PFW: That's what everyone asks you, eh? Can he play 60 snaps and can he stop the run, right?

BR: Absolutely. Hopefully, someday I can prove (the doubters) wrong and I'll just keep getting better and maybe get more people on my bandwagon.

PFW: Are you even quicker off the ball this season than before? Seemed like you shot off the line several times on Sunday.

BR: Maybe. I think once you get a feel for the game, you can time up some snaps, and if you watch a lot of film, you can see how they snap the ball. We get a lot of that for home games, things like that. As far as away games, we know the crowd is going to be quiet when the offense is on the field, so you just have to try to time it up as far as the cadence or I will look at certain things on an offensive lineman that might give away the snap count. I just try to get that extra jump, and I am lucky I have some burst coming out of my first step. I have always had that. When I know it's a pass, I definitely can take advantage of that.

PFW: Seems like it is a different kind of challenge this week with Josh Freeman, versus going up against a guy in Philip Rivers who usually stays in the pocket. Do you have to slow down your rush a bit against Freeman, knowing he can beat you with his legs some too?

BR: It doesn't necessarily slow your rush down, but you definitely have to be a little more disciplined as far as up-and-under moves. You take good steps to the quarterback. Things like that ... trying not to let him get outside. Of course, there might be some times where we want to let him get outside. We might want him running. You don't necessarily have to slow down (the rush); you just have to be more disciplined as a D-line.

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