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Del Pilar's Mailbag: Wednesday edition

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By William Del Pilar

Week two is here and trends have yet to show themselves outside of some obvious ones like the chemistry between Patriots QB Tom Brady and TE Aaron Hernandez. However, injuries and players moving up and down the depth chart are becoming clearer. Keep your questions coming and I'll do my best to answer them.

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I have Dallas Clark and he had a poor outing Week One from Kerry Collins. I also have Jason Witten, whom I will play, too. Question is: Do I ditch Clark now, and try to pick up another top TE (Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley and Vernon Davis are gone in my league) such as Houston's TE, etc? So do you have a better replacement suggestion for me for Dallas Clark (except from the three above) or should I hold on to him ... thinking that IND will employ him mucho more through QB Collins all the rest of the year. I'd appreciate any comments you have and I sincerely THANK YOU for your time!
— Ray via email

Ray, make sure you check out this week's waiver wire pickups (Week Two Fantasy Ticker) and check out my article on the Colts' skill-position players. To answer your question, you can't drop Clark yet. He has elite talent, and remember, QB Kerry Collins has only been on this team for a few weeks. Give him some time. Clark may never reach the numbers we expected, but he should still post some points. He will have greater value in PPR (point-per-reception) leagues, as well.

Some of the tight ends I like that may be out there are: Jermaine Gresham, Bengals; Fred Davis, Redskins; Dustin Keller, Jets; Benjamin Watson, Browns; Evan Moore, Browns; Ed Dickson, Ravens. The following are likely gone — owned in at least 70 percent in most leagues — but check for them anyway: Aaron Hernandez, Patriots; Greg Olsen, Panthers; Brandon Pettigrew, Lions. Good luck.

PPR league, flex spot, Chad Henne (Dolphins), Kerry Collins (Colts) or Matt Cassel (Chiefs)? And I have to start one and drop one from my team. Thanks.
— Sal via email

Sal, you're going to have to go with Henne. He started out average, at best, in the first preseason game but has improved since, resulting with a top-five fantasy finish — depending on your scoring system. However, he has a tougher matchup against the Texans and the 3-4 defense — a defense known to confuse young quarterbacks. He's your only choice because Cassel and the Chiefs have not looked good going back to the preseason, and they looked even worse in Week One. Collins was only with the team three weeks by the time Week One rolled around. Based on how bad the Colts were last week, you can't go with Collins. To dump one out of these three, go with Collins for now. The way Cassel has looked, I'm not sure he's better than Collins, which is a huge indictment of how the Chiefs look right now. Regardless, dump Collins, not Cassel.

Regular NFL fantasy scoring, Mathew Stafford or Big Ben Week Two?
  —Nathan via email

That's a great question because I believe the Steelers are itching to play this week to forget last week's beat down by the Ravens. They need to show the league they're offensive line is not too old and they're still the team to beat in the AFC. Despite my belief, Stafford has the better matchup and played better football last week, throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. His opponent this week, the Chief, let Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick go crazy and he threw for over 200 yards and four touchdowns. Start Stafford and play it safe but with upside.

In a PPR league. Aaron Hernandez or Kellen Winslow for Week Two? Mike Tolbert or BJGE for Week Two? And Matt Schaub or Cam Newton for Week Two?  Thanks so much.
— J3NS3N via email

There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, you can ignore the Chargers' statistical numbers in that they held opposing tight ends to a goose egg. If you do that and view Aaron Hernandez from his preseason days, you'll know he's been a stud so far. He and QB Tom Brady are on the same page, as his 10 targets for seven receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown prove. However, Winslow is Winslow, and that means you get nothing spectacular but some weekly production, generally speaking. Last week Winslow had eight targets for six receptions for 66 yards. I will tell you this. Look at the rest of your lineup and if you see potential big-time matchups and can afford the risk, go for Hernandez. But if not, be safe and go for Winslow. He's no bad at all considering the Vikings allowed 94 yards to opposing tight ends last week.

Go with Mike Tolbert, as you know what his role is. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is the short-yardage and goal-line back and should see some opportunities. If its PPR, then Tolbert. There is some risk here, but Tolbert's the one.

Go with Schaub and let's watch Newton for at least two more weeks. If he blows up this week then, yes, you have to consider him as Schaub did not have a lights-out week. However, the Texans travel to Miami and last week Tom Brady threw for 517 yards and four touchdowns against the Dolphins.

Am I dropping Danny Amendola (Rams), and if so, who's standing out? Devery Henderson (Saints)? Early Doucet (Cardinals)? Or some Steelers WRs?
-— diesal211 via Twitter

Henderson's your best bet because Marques Colston (collarbone) is out for four weeks and probably more, and you also have Lance Moore (groin) not knowing if he'll play this week. That thrusts Henderson into a starring role. Check to see if the following are available in this order: Devery Henderson, Saints; Robert Meachem, Saints; Jacoby Jones, Texans; Deion Branch, Patriots; Davone Bess, Dolphins; Nate Burleson, Lions; Brandon Gibson, Rams; and Jordy Nelson, Packers. (Nelson's owned in over 70 percent of fantasy leagues.)


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