Insider: Grossman isn't the answer as Redskins' QB

Posted Sept. 11, 2011 @ 7:55 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "I don't understand what the Redskins are doing at quarterback. Rex Grossman plays like he has bipolar disorder. He's great one play, awful the next. Go back and study him throughout his NFL career. He has always been that way. If Mike Shanahan can extract some consistency from him, I will eat my words. But I've never seen a quarterback who is more of a 50-50 player. He's short, slow and has not been able to escape the pocket since he hurt his knee. Whether he even can be on the field every week is a hit-or-miss proposition. What do you want to bet he will not be the Redskins' starting quarterback at midseason?"

• "(Chiefs head coach) Todd Haley is a rah-rah guy. He runs the locker room screaming and yelling. He's Bill Parcells Jr. At some point, you better have substance behind all the music or the players will tune you out. Right now, after the way he responded to (John) Harbaugh in the preseason (for scoring late in the game), he just looks like a ticking time bomb. Perception and reality are often two different things. You would never believe some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes."

• "It's become crystal clear to me — the teams that know how to draft are the teams that are in contention for the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers know how to draft. San Diego and Pittsburgh know how to draft. New England understands the draft. The teams that are consistently good at what they do are those that come away from the draft with talent."

• "(Ravens rookie WR Torrey) Smith cannot catch a cold. (Trading for) Lee Evans was a great pickup by them. If they did not make that move, I don't know who Joe Flacco is throwing to downfield. Teams could have stacked the box. Now defenses are going to have to stay honest and won't be able to jam Ray Rice as easily."

• "(Pittsburgh GM Kevin) Colbert understands the formula. He has done a great job finding players that fit the Steelers. They lock and reload every year."

• "It was curious to see Marvin Lewis trading for Taylor Mays and Kelly Jennings. It tells you what Cincinnati felt about its secondary."

• "(Rams head coach) Steve Spagnuolo has stepped on a lot of toes in St. Louis, but those are the types of decisions you have to make sometimes when you are trying to overhaul the culture of a building. It's not easy running off people who have been there forever. The public does not always know what's happening behind the scenes. Spags is making hard decisions, and I think the Rams are better for it."

• "How did (Dolphins GM) Jeff Ireland not trade for Kyle Orton? How do you hesitate when someone is going to give you a quarterback that can save your franchise and career, and you don't do it? He who hesitates loses. When you cannot pull the trigger, you lose. Denver dangled Orton in the preseason, but Ireland could not pull the trigger. I do not understand it. He is a creation of Bill Parcells."

• "The Eagles' offensive line has an entirely different look this year. Every time I turn around, it seems they are running someone different onto the field. Signing (Kyle DeVan) a week before the season looked like a panic move to me. Maybe there's a reason they wanted to give Michael Vick his deal now, before he realizes he does not have any protection and wants to get the (heck) out. … With the kind of money they spent this year, I can tell you — they are expecting to win the Super Bowl. To get anywhere, you better know your strengths and weaknesses, and there is a lot they are going to have to cover up on that offensive line."