Vikings' Webb could have a weekly role

Posted Sept. 10, 2011 @ 6:22 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Vikings QB Joe Webb might have lost the backup role to rookie Christian Ponder, but the Vikings see this as a net gain for their offense. They plan to use Webb in a variety of small roles to take advantage of his great athleticism. Webb can line up under center, in the shotgun, split wide, in motion and on the field at the same time as starting QB Donovan McNabb, forcing defenses to make a decision. Webb showed some grit last season after getting thrown into the fire as a quarterback despite having started last offseason as a receiver. He also was solid this preseason, but his best asset appeared to be his running ability, as he averaged more than 10 yards a clip with a long run of 36. That's the kind of playmaking ability the Vikings don't want sitting on the bench, and with the new rules of having 46 active players on game day (no designated third quarterback), they should be able to mix in Webb and get another explosive player on the field. McNabb, who gave way to Michael Vick in a similar fashion about five plays per game in 2009 with the Eagles, is accustomed to having his rhythm disrupted for a few plays and shouldn't be affected by these Webb insertions.