Five Bears questions with PFW publisher Hub Arkush

Posted Sept. 09, 2011 @ 10:19 a.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

In this week's Five Questions, PFW publisher and editor and Bears expect Hub Arkush says Lovie Smith's team is one of the hardest to figure out and that Matt Forté is worth about the same as Frank Gore.

1. Are you expecting more or less than eight wins from the Bears?

Arkush: I actually picked them at 8-8, but I had them at 7-9 last year and we all know what happened. They are probably the biggest mystery in the NFL.

2. Contract talks are on hold for now, but should the Bears do whatever it takes to sign Matt Forté to a contract extension before he becomes a free agent in the offseason?

Arkush: No. Mike Martz and Lovie Smith keep talking about a commitment to a power running game, and roster moves to date suggest they are serious. If that's the case, it's not Matt Forté's game. He is better suited for the Marshall Faulk role in the greatest show on turf. The Bears lose nothing by waiting, at least five or six weeks. The fact that the Titans and Panthers ridiculously overpaid for Chris Johnson and DeAngelo Williams doesn't mean the Bears should make the same mistake, regardless of how much cap room they have. Forté is worth about the same as Frank Gore ($13.5 million guaranteed) and it appears he's not willing to accept that deal.

3. Who do you think will make a bigger impact on offense this season — Roy Williams or Johnny Knox?

Arkush: Johnny Knox is clearly the better player at this stage in their careers, but the question is will the Bears give Knox the chance to make a bigger impact than Williams? As for Williams, based on the last two years and training camp, there's no way to know what he's even capable of.

4. Of all the players that left the team this offseason, which one do you think they will miss the most?

Arkush: Clearly Olin Kreutz. It was a bad decision made for all the wrong reasons, many of which had nothing to do with what was best for the team in spite of claims otherwise. Actually, I think he's the only player gone that they will miss.

5. Are you more concerned about the offensive line in pass protection or the lack of depth at linebacker?

Arkush: You have to be seriously concerned about both, but forced to choose, it's the offensive line. At least at linebacker the three starters have a chance to be great together. On the offensive line, what difference does the lack of depth make if it turns out the starters aren't good enough?