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Insider: Nix hasn't addressed Bills' greatest needs

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Posted Aug. 28, 2011 @ 7:27 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "I keep hearing what a great job (Bills GM) Buddy Nix is doing. The offensive line sucks. He did not address the quarterback position. (C.J.) Spiller is still struggling two years running. How do you win with (Kraig) Urbik, (Erik) Pears and Demetrius Bell starting on your offensive line? And there is nothing behind them. They paid Nick Barnett a ton of money to play in a system that he is not good at. He is a 4-3 Mike 'backer who is on the downside of his career. Who are their outside 'backers? (Chris) Kelsay and (Shawne) Merriman are old and broken down. There's nothing behind them. I'm shocked Jammie Kirlew is on an NFL roster. Buddy has been around awhile — he must have the hype machine working overtime. Unless I'm missing something, that is a bad football team."

• "(Patriots rookie OLT) Nate Solder pitched a shutout in his first preseason game. He is a darn good run blocker. He is very athletic for his size. He has been impressive."

• "(Chiefs head coach) Todd Haley knows his team stinks, that he is going to get blamed and it probably is his fault. He definitely has done nothing to help the offense, especially at the receiver position. It's not difficult for anyone to connect the dots. Look at the guys they have brought in (during Haley's tenure) — Jerheme Urban, Terrance Copper, Steve Breaston, Bobby Wade — they all played for Todd at Arizona, Dallas or Chicago. (Rookie first-round pick Jonathan) Baldwin is already in trouble. You look at the offense as a whole. They have no center; the receivers are not that good; (Tony) Moeaki is hurt again, the right tackle (Barry Richardson) cannot block speed. Subtract Charlie Weis — how does the offense get any better? This will be Todd's last year, and I think he knows it."

• "You can talk all you want about Tim Tebow's intangibles, but his elongated throwing motion is still there, and it's not going away. The sooner he settles into the tight end position, the better his (NFL) chances. It will be painful for his ego to accept, but he's going to have to accept the reality that he's not an NFL quarterback sooner than later."

• "There is a good reason why many scouts downgraded Chris Johnson coming out of (East Carolina). His (college) coaches are shocked he has done so well. There is a lot of baggage there. You can't deny that he is one of the premier playmakers in the game — he is a threat to score every touch — but running backs are not getting paid and he is worth probably half of what he thinks he is, all things considered. Giving him big money would be a big mistake. Rhino (Titans GM Mike Reinfieldt) is handling it right."

• "I thought the preseason was about settling in and getting your players prepared, but you look at what Pittsburgh and New Orleans and some of these coordinators are calling in the preseason — it's become a dog and pony show. I've never seen so much blitzing."

• "I was shocked by how much (Panthers C Ryan) Kalil was paid. Look around the league. There is a reason why centers are not highly paid. It's not an impact position. If you are going to pay through the roof for a center, he better be a one-man band. I don't know how (GM) Marty Hurney can justify what he has done with DeAngelo Williams and Charles Johnson. They are throwing money away. The quarterback situation is still a mess. It looks like a situation that could implode in a year."

• "The best thing that could happen to Philadelphia is that they miss the playoffs and learn that throwing all that money at players is not the way to build a team. Look at history and tell me how many teams have won by buying it. For all they have done, they still have a lot of problems on the offensive line. Even (O-line coach) Howard Mudd is going to have his hands full with that group. They can't stay healthy."

• "I call the Bears' approach to free agency the 'hope and a prayer' plan. They signed a bunch of top picks who failed at other places and are hoping they can get them to perform. It's the Hail Mary approach. There is no evaluating going on. When the Bears went to the Super Bowl, they were signing producers. They may get lucky with one of these guys, but it should not be about luck.

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