Goldson good bet to remain 49ers' FS starter

Posted Aug. 11, 2011 @ 3:54 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Our 49ers sources put the odds that Dashon Goldson will retain the starting role at free safety after signing a new one-year contract at "about 70 percent." Goldson was widely expected to become the Niners' fifth defensive starter from last season to split the scene, having indicated as much in a tweet shortly after the team obtained veteran free-agent safeties Donte Whitner and Madieu Williams. "But I think what happened is that once (Chargers S Eric) Weddle got his big contract, Dashon's demands went up, and he priced himself out of the market," one team insider said. A supbar 2010 campaign (only one takeaway) did not help matters. "Now, he's an enigma," the insider said. "Will he play like he did in 2009, when he looked like he might be the NFC's answer to Ed Reed, or will he be the disappointment he was in 2010? He says the feet issues he had last year are fine, but we'll have to see what happens."