Preseason power rankings

Posted Aug. 09, 2011 @ 2:24 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Preseason Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers With all of their "losses," what did they really end up losing?

2. New England Patriots Collecting veteran D-linemen should help pass rush.

3. Philadelphia Eagles With DeSean in camp, biggest issue is Maclin's mystery illness.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers Re-signing Ike Taylor was surprisingly easy, it turned out.

5. Atlanta Falcons Sat back and waited for Ray Edwards ... now will he produce sacks?

6. Baltimore Ravens Vonta Leach will make Ray Rice a very happy man.

7. New York Jets So, do the players who gave up salary for Nnamdi get it back?

8. San Diego Chargers Have been able to maintain most of the talent on the roster.

9. New Orleans Saints Have imposing interior with Franklin, Ellis and Rogers.

10. New York Giants Eagles steal the offseason thunder, but Jints still in good shape.

11. Indianapolis Colts For $90 mil, let's not give Peyton the Good Samaritan award just yet.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Underrated move: re-signing OG Davin Joseph.

13. Houston Texans Made smartest gear shift going for Joseph over Asomugha.

14. Chicago Bears Something just feels wrong with Olin Kreutz missing.

15. Dallas Cowboys It had to kill Jerry Jones to sit out free agency for the most part.

16. Detroit Lions Linebackers set now; secondary remains biggest question mark.

17. Kansas City Chiefs Caught somewhere between revamping and reloading.

18. St. Louis Rams Might have overpaid for Mikell, missed the boat on big-play receivers.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars Added toughness, pop with new linebackers.

20. Arizona Cardinals Lot of new faces, but let's face it: It's Kolb or bust.

21. Oakland Raiders Still kicking themselves for Stanford Routt deal last year.

22. Seattle Seahawks Fans have to give Tarvaris longer leash than he got in Minnesota.

23. Miami Dolphins Orton ordeal not the way Miami wanted to start preseason.

24. Minnesota Vikings Transition from McNabb to Ponder could prove to be awkward.

25. Cleveland Browns Remaking defense with other teams' scraps.

26. San Francisco 49ers Could lose up to five defensive starters.

27. Buffalo Bills Hoping Brad Smith can haunt his old team twice a year.

28. Washington Redskins Adding pass-rushing threats should help defense.

29. Tennessee Titans Hasselbeck a nice move, but can they even compete at all?

30. Carolina Panthers Might have overpaid, but it has been a nearly perfect offseason.

31. Denver Broncos Still could use some defensive beef.

32. Cincinnati Bengals No team has had a worse offseason. Period.