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Week Nine PFW staff selections - early edition for phones


Posted July 28, 2011 @ 4:07 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

"ALL" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) selections indicate best bets.


New England -4½ vs. CLEVELAND

MINNESOTA -9 vs. Arizona

N.Y. Giants -6½ vs. SEATTLE

N.Y. Jets vs. DETROIT (42) Under

Last Week: 1-3 / Season: 15-16-1



ATLANTA -9 vs. Tampa Bay (45)
Atlanta: Mike W*, Dan P*
Tampa Bay: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Michael Kevin, ALL

Chicago -3 vs. BUFFALO (Toronto) (40½)
Chicago: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Michael, ALL
Buffalo: Kevin

New England -4½ vs. CLEVELAND (44)
New England: Hub, Keith, Mike W, Dan P, Michael*, Kevin*
Cleveland: Mike H, Dan A, Eric*

N.Y. Jets -4 vs. DETROIT (42)
N.Y. Jets: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Dan P*, Michael
Detroit: Dan A, Mike W, Kevin

New Orleans -6½ vs. CAROLINA (41)
New Orleans: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan P, Michael*, Kevin
Carolina: Dan A, Eric, Mike W

BALTIMORE -5½ vs. Miami (40½)
Baltimore: Keith, Mike W*, Kevin
Miami: Hub, Mike H, Dan A*, Eric, Dan P, Michael

San Diego -3 vs. HOUSTON (50½)
San Diego: Hub, Dan A, Dan P
Houston: Keith, Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Michael, Kevin

MINNESOTA -9 vs. Arizona (40½)
Minnesota: Hub*, Keith*, Mike H*, Dan A, Eric, Michael, Kevin*
Arizona: Mike W, Dan P

N.Y. Giants -6½ vs. SEATTLE (41)
N.Y. Giants: Hub*, Keith*, Mike H*, Eric*, Dan P*, Michael*, Kevin*
Seattle: Dan A, Mike W

PHILADELPHIA -3 vs. Indianapolis (46½)
Philadelphia: Keith, Dan A*, Eric, Kevin
Indianapolis: Hub, Mike H, Mike W, Dan P, Michael

OAKLAND -2½ vs. Kansas City (40½)
Oakland: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Dan P
Kansas City: Dan A, Mike W, Michael, Kevin

GREEN BAY -7½ vs. Dallas (45)
Green Bay: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric*, Dan P, Michael, Kevin
Dallas: Dan A, Mike W

Pittsburgh -5 vs. CINCINNATI (41½)
Pittsburgh: Hub, Keith, Mike H*, Mike W*, Dan P, Michael, Kevin
Cincinnati: Dan A, Eric



Last week vs. spread

Hub(6-7), Keith(6-6), Mike H(4-9), Dan A(8-5), Eric(9-4), Mike W(3-10), Dan P(6-7), Michael(8-5), Kevin(8-5), ALL(7-6)

Season to date vs. spread

Hub(49-64-4), Keith(52-61-4), Mike H(60-53-4), Dan A(67-46-4), Eric(61-52-4), Mike W(59-54-4), Dan P(50-63-4), Michael(52-61-4), Kevin(56-57-4), ALL(48-65-4)

Last week best bets

Hub(2-1), Keith(1-2), Mike H(0-3), Dan A(2-1), Eric(1-2), Mike W(0-3), Dan P(1-2), Michael(1-2), Kevin(2-1), ALL(1-3)

Season to date best bets

Hub(14-9-1), Keith(10-13-1), Mike H(9-14-1), Dan A(18-6), Eric(10-13-1), Mike W(11-12-1), Dan P(11-13), Michael(12-12), Kevin(10-13-1), ALL(15-16-1)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: It is finally absolutely last gasp, do-or-die time for the Vikings and they know it, so look for the Cardinals to pay the price as Adrian Peterson runs wild.

Keith Schleiden: Even if Bill Belichick has put the "Spygate" scandal behind him, you know he still wants to step on the gas vs. Eric Mangini. No way do the Browns stay within a TD this week.

Mike Holbrook: Matt Hasselbeck got knocked silly by the Raiders last week. The Giants should tee off on him or backup Charlie Whitehurst. Look for the Giants to get a defensive score.

Dan Arkush: Underdogs in divisional games have covered more often than not this year, and the Bucs just keep on covering on the road.

Eric Edholm: The Seahawks might have no answers for blocking the Giants, who are sure to pressure from the first snap and not stop until the game is over. Giants are well-rested and ready here.

Mike Wilkening: The Bengals haven't come close to finding their best form from last year, and the Steelers are better than they were in '09. Pittsburgh avenges last season's losses to Cincy.

Dan Parr: Their records are identical, but I think the Falcons are a much better team than the Bucs. Atlanta will be prepared, coming off a bye, and it's a tough team to beat at home.

Michael Blunda: After it got pasted by the Raiders, I don't have much hope for Seattle against one of the league's hotter teams in the Giants. Big Blue should move the ball with ease this week.

Kevin Fishbain: While it may not always be pretty, the Patriots continue to find ways to win during a five-game win streak, and Belichick will not allow them to look past Mangini and the Browns.

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