Chung talks workouts, Belichick as he preps for 2011

Posted June 16, 2011 @ 2:31 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

Forgive Patriots SS Patrick Chung for not keeping tabs on ESPN during the lockout, but his television has other demands, as his focus is on getting ready for 2011.

"My TV doesn't even stay on ESPN. It's on 'Yo Gabba Gabba' and Sprout (for my son)," he told PFW.

Chung has been working out at Edge Performance Systems in Foxborough during the lockout, just five minutes from his home. He said he hasn't changed anything about his offseason workout routine during the lockout. The third-year pro took part in player-organized workouts at Boston College earlier this month. He noted that getting timing down was an important part of the workout.

"You've got to be on time. Receivers have to be on time with quarterbacks. DBs have to be on time with the communicating," he said. "It was also good to get the rookies out there to get them a jump on the playbook."

QB Tom Brady and ILB Jerod Mayo were two of the players who helped organize the workouts.

"Those two guys, Vince Wilfork and Kevin Faulk as well, whatever those guys say, it's going to happen. The guys that follow them will make sure everybody listens to them also," he said.

If you didn't think of Chung as a playmaker, a Week Four win over the Dolphins showed he is one and has the potential to be a breakout player in 2011. He blocked two kicks and returned an interception for a touchdown. In 14 games (13 starts) in '10, Chung recorded 96 tackles and three picks. He spoke to his versatility at the safety position.

"The more things you can do, the more opportunities you get. You get to blitz, cover, be in the box or in the deep middle — all different types of things. It's good to do as many things as possible, it shows value," he said.

Chung takes that ideology into his workouts, making sure to improve every aspect of his game.

"I'm one of those guys that tries to be great at everything, and you have got to keep working to be great. Mentally with the playbook and physically — speed, quickness, strength and endurance. Anything you can think of, I'm working on that now," he said.

Despite a league-best 14-2 record, the Patriots' loss to the Jets in the playoffs turned 2010 into a disappointing season. Chung botched a fake punt in the playoff loss, but he is past it.

"Blocked it out. Move on. The last time I talked about it is right now. I'm over that and I'm getting ready for next season," he said.

Chung has benefited from playing under the great defensive mind that is Bill Belichick and would have no problem listening to Belichick for a long time.

"One word — genius. He's a great coach, a great man and he's cool," he said. "He wants to win. I'll continue to play for him, hopefully forever."

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