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They Said It: week of June 13


Posted June 17, 2011 @ 11:42 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

Friday, June 17, 2011

Broncos QB Tim Tebow, quoted on on the importance of being a role model: "It's the most important thing to me, period. If I just play football and just try to win games and championships, if that's all I do, then at the end of my life it's not going to mean very much. It's just a game. … I love it, but if you take the platform, and you can influence someone's life and inspire them to go after their dream, then what you're doing is worth it. You're having a life of success and meaning."

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy, describing what he was going for while choosing the team's 3.35 carat Super Bowl rings, as quoted on "The one thing we knew was they wanted big, and they wanted 'bling. So I think we were successful in that." Added Murphy: "It was definitely everything we expected. The players, they were ecstatic about it, the way they were showing each other the ring, the platinum, the diamonds, the design, I think it's something everybody is excited about it."

Titans new offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, quoted on on the changes he has made to the playbook: "I think there will be about 50 percent new and about 50 percent from past years. I think the run game will still pretty much be intact, as far as verbiage is concerned. The passing game is going to be a little bit different."

Cardinals RB Beanie Wells understands the importance of producing entering his third NFL season, as quoted on "This is my third year and three strikes, you're out." Added Wells: "I'm definitely not striking out this year."

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy, posting to his Twitter page after learning that Giants DE Osi Umenyiora wants out of New York, as quoted on "Overrated and soft. 3rd best D-lineman on his team, honestly"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

49ers new WR coach John Morton, quoted in the Sacramento Bee on the 2011 prospects of WRs Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan: "[Michael Crabtree] is going to be a phenomenal football player for us. And so is Josh Morgan. I think the sky's the limit for those guys." Morton went on to discuss how new head coach Jim Harbaugh's West Coast offense will allow the receivers to do more in space: "It's quick routes or it's slants or shallow crosses and things where you get the ball in their hands real fast and let them use their God-given ability. I don't think they've had a chance to really do that yet from what I've seen on tape. I don't think I've seen a slant here run ever since … since Terrell Owens left."

Former Titans WR Chris Sanders, giving his take on troubled WR Kenny Britt, as quoted in The Tennessean: "The one thing we have to understand about Kenny Britt is he is just a kid, but he needs help. If you just build the player on the field, and not the player off the field, you are going to have a big disaster." Added Sanders: "That's why player development is so important right now. You have to find a way to not just talk to him, but show Kenny Britt the right things. If you just show him how to play football, he is only going to learn to play football. We have to teach these guys to make right decisions."

Jets CB Darrelle Revis is not doing cartwheels because of the recent optimism in the labor negotiations, as quoted in the New York Post: "It's really tough. It could go a lot of ways. They could think about just sitting this whole year and get ready to do the offseason thing and start it off like that and go into the next year. It's so late right now, and stuff is just getting pushed back so much." Added Revis: "I think that's the best thing, is for us just to work out. That's all you can do, because you don't know when you're going to get that call. Something could happen at midnight tonight, it could happen a week from now, you never know."

Saints QB Drew Brees, a plaintiff in the antitrust lawsuit against the NFL, discussing the need to get a deal done soon, as quoted on "It seems like things are moving in the right direction, which is very positive. It's what we always hoped for as players because we're getting to crunch time here. I think the gap is being narrowed in a lot of different areas." Added Brees on the team's unofficial workouts the past six weeks: "It has been great work for the past six weeks. Thirty-plus guys just about every day coming out, a combination of everything we would be doing at our own facility, but we're locked out. And yet we've found a way to work."

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, responding to recent comments made by Plaxico Burress, who criticized Coughlin's communication skills and said he would never play for his former head coach again, as quoted on "I don't pay any attention to it. It is what it is. Maybe he's sending me along a badge of honor. How do I know?" Added Coughlin: "As I've said many times, I'll stay with the same line: I hope he gets some normalcy in his life and has a chance to spend some time with his family and that he gets to know his kids once again. His wife has done a tremendous job of holding that family together for the last two years. She deserves some help."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raiders LB Trevor Scott, who missed the final six games last season because of a torn ACL, discussing how the lockout has affected his rehab, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle: "It's kind of been some BS, the fact that I've been doing my own rehab and not allowed to talk to trainers. I've been putting my faith and my trust elsewhere to the guys rehabbing me now. It just kind of sucks, the whole thing." Added Scott on new head coach Hue Jackson: "I think Hue Jackson getting hired as a head coach is a huge step forward. It kind of stinks seeing coach Cable go … he did nothing but go up every single year, so best wishes to him, but I feel like Hue Jackson is going to take that next step to where we were and he's going to take us to where we want to go and that is to win the AFC Championship and then win the Super Bowl."

Broncos QB Brady Quinn does not think he was given a fair shot at the starting job last season, as quoted on "I want to be No. 1. I feel they (Orton and Tebow) both had a chance last year, and I didn't get an opportunity. I'd love to get an opportunity to help us win games and get this team to the playoffs and see what happens from there." Orton continued: "I don't want to look at last year as a lost year. I learned something from Coach McDaniels, although I don't think he did me any favors by not giving me an opportunity to play. But in the end, you can't look back in a negative sense about last year."

Redskins sixth-round WR Aldrick Robinson, excited after joining his teammates for the first time for unofficial workouts on Tuesday, as quoted on "It was a great experience to be around my teammates and it felt good to be a part of this with guys you've seen on TV. Of course you want to show off your skill, make 'em think that, 'That guy can play.' Football is football. The routes are gonna stay the same, but the terminology I'm still trying to soak it all in. Once I did know what to run, I (ran) like I know how to run."

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, quoted on  on his belief that free agent WR Plaxico Burress can be a readily contributor for a number of clubs — including the Vikings — next season: "Of course, I would love him to be a part of my team. He's a guy before he left the game for two years, he was one of the top receivers in the league. … I'm sure (Burress is) going to come out, he's going to be on fire and he'll be ready to contribute to whichever team picks him up."

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, sharing his excitement to begin coaching the club's rookie class, as quoted on "I am enthused about working with him [first-round CB Prince Amukamara]. I'm sad that I haven't had an opportunity to work with him at this point of time. I'm very, very excited. I think he showed some really good things on tape from Nebraska. We'd like to take it to another level." Added Fewell on second-round DL Marvin Austin: "… Evaluating his junior tapes and looking at some of his workout, he is extremely talented. Now, will he make a commitment and be a consistent for us and make it pay off for us this fall? That's the challenge for us going into 2011 season."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giants QB Eli Manning, in his first public comments since the lockout, discussing the club's unofficial workouts in Oradell, NJ, last week, as quoted in the New York Post: "I was happy. It's kind of the best we could do under the circumstances. It's not great work, but it's better than doing nothing." Manning continued: "It's really to get some of the younger guys out there and get Jerrel [Jernigan, a wideout drafted in the third round] and some of the draft picks, Prince [Amukamara] and those guys, get them to meet some of the guys, learn a little bit of the terminology. You get worried you don't know how long this lockout is going to be. If it goes too long, they'll never be able to catch up and it will be a wash of a year for them, so you're trying to prevent that."

49ers new head coach Jim Harbaugh, quoted on on the character of potential starting QB Alex Smith: "He's a neat guy. I'm really interested in him, in just the character of Alex Smith. He's been maligned by the hometown fans there. And his family's had to read a lot of that on the Internet. He's really even been thrown under the bus by his own team more than once. And the kind of character of a guy that would want to come back, prove himself with that same football team, that's rare kind of character. It probably falls somewhere in the endangered and extinct range. So we can win with that."

Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer, optimistically telling one Bucs fan that football will return soon, as quoted on  "For the next seven weeks [the amount of time before the first preseason game], just turn on some music, put on your headphones and relax. Football will be back. Don't worry. Football will be back.''

Dolphins QB Chad Henne, quoted on on taking more of a leadership role during the lockout:  "For the next seven weeks, just turn on some music, put on your headphones and relax. Football will be back. Don't worry. Football will be back.''

Ravens LB Sergio Kindle, who has been cleared to resume football activities after missing his rookie season with a fractured skull, quoted on discussing his long road to recovery: "Being hurt is rough itself, but not playing for a whole year, sitting on the sidelines, is terrible. Especially when you're not used to it and football's what you want to do in life. Being a player, you think you can come back from any injury and ball just as hard as you did before it happened. That's how I was thinking."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bears GM Jerry Angelo, quoted on on the lack of quality free safeties available in the NFL: "Free safeties are like dinosaurs. You can't find them."

Ravens RB Ray Rice, admitting that he has a short memory when asked about his costly fumble in the third quarter of the divisional round of the playoffs against the Steelers, as quoted on "As a running back, you have to have a short memory. You look at where you came from and you look at where you're going and you can't tarnish your whole career over one mistake." Added Rice: "You get back to work on your fundamentals, this offseason I've been doing a lot of strengthening in my forearms so that way when I'm cutting the ball's tighter, secure. I got over it pretty fast."

Broncos offensive line coach Dave Magazu, quoted on on how attitude is a critical part of his philosophy in coaching line play: "Our whole thing and our approach will be to play with an attitude. I don't really care who we're playing, where we're playing them — have an attitude and have those guys be able to set a tempo of a game. Be physical and be able to control the line of scrimmage. Whether we run it or we throw it, be able to control the line of scrimmage. I think there's a lot of young talent here, and I think there's a tremendous upside. If we just keep adding pieces to the puzzle, I think we have an opportunity to be what everybody wants us to be."

Texans assistant head coach and defensive line coach Bill Kollar, discussing DE Antonio Smith's role in the club's new 3-4 scheme under Wade Phillips, as quoted on "For him, he probably will like this better than he did the scheme we played the last two years here, really. We were trying to figure out a position for him when we signed him from Arizona here. We said, 'Well, he's really not a defensive end.' He played more inside than he did outside and stuff. I'm sure he'll fit right at home getting back into this type of defense."

Saints head coach Sean Payton, quoted on on ORG Jahri Evans: "If you had to list five traits at the guard position, he would have those traits. He has strong hands, he is powerful, his size, he is athletic and he is intelligent." Payton added: "Every week, a guy playing (right guard) is going to see some pretty good three-technique linemen, he has seen the best of them. He has fought and battled guys like (Kevin and Pat Williams) in Minnesota. Ultimately, when people want to measure you they want to see you play against real good competition and he has done very well."

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