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Nevada sportsbook operator releases NFL regular-season lines

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Posted June 10, 2011 @ 11:57 p.m. ET
By Mike Wilkening

Updated at 12:18 a.m. EST on Saturday, June 11 

Cantor Gaming, which operates four Nevada sportsbooks, released pointspreads for all 256 regular-season NFL games on Friday. 

The regular season is slated to begin on Sept. 8, with defending champion Green Bay a 5½-point favorite vs. New Orleans at Lambeau Field on Cantor's line. Of course, whether the season will start as scheduled remains a primary topic of discussion for those connected to the NFL. While optimism about the progress of negotiations between NFL owners and players on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement has increased recently, the lockout continues for now. In the event of an extended work stoppage, some advance wagers would become null and void; one of the rules governing wagers on Cantor's initial spreads notes that a "(game) must be played within 45 days of (the) original scheduled date for action."

Cantor, which runs the sportsbooks at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The M Resort Spa and Casino and Tropicana Las Vegas, had taken "quite a few bets" on the NFL slate Friday, Mike Colbert, the company's race and sports book director, said Friday evening. 

Per Cantor's own power rankings, a metric oddsmakers often use to help set the lines, the Patriots enter 2011 as the top-rated team, with the Steelers second. Green Bay, which beat Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLV, is third in Cantor's rankings, with Colbert noting that "if you like a team like Green Bay, you probably get some perceived value" on the line.    

Cantor believes the Raiders, Rams and Lions will be improved this season, Colbert said, but he noted that forecasting this far in advance of the regular season isn't an exact science. Four Cantor oddsmakers set their own lines for every game, and each game was discussed before Colbert made the final call on the spread, but as he said of the challenge facing bettors and linemakers looking well into the future, "I got to tell you, it's hard to predict what's going to happen in Week 12."   

Below are Cantor's lines for each regular-season game: 


Thursday, Sept. 8

New Orleans (+5.5) at Green Bay

Sunday, Sept. 11

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at Baltimore

Cincinnati (+3) at Cleveland

Indianapolis (+1) at Houston

Tennessee (+2.5) at Jacksonville

Atlanta (PK) at Chicago

Buffalo (+6.5) at Kansas City

Philadelphia (-3.5) at St. Louis

Detroit (+3) at Tampa Bay

Seattle (+5.5) at San Francisco

N.Y. Giants (-3) at Washington

Minnesota (+9) at San Diego

Carolina (+3.5) at Arizona

Dallas (+4) at N.Y. Jets

Monday, Sept. 12

New England (-4) at Miami

Oakland (+1) at Denver


Sunday, Sept. 18

Kansas City (+4) at Detroit

Seattle (+11) at Pittsburgh

Oakland (+1) at Buffalo

Green Bay (-9.5) at Carolina

Baltimore (-4) at Tennessee

Cleveland (+7.5) at Indianapolis

Tampa Bay (PK) at Minnesota

Arizona (+7 / -115) at Washington

Chicago (+4) at New Orleans

Jacksonville (+8) at N.Y. Jets

Dallas (PK) at San Francisco

San Diego (+6) at New England

Cincinnati (-1) at Denver

Houston (+3) at Miami

Philadelphia (+3) at Atlanta

Monday, Sept. 19

St. Louis (+7) at N.Y. Giants


Sunday, Sept. 25

New England (-9) at Buffalo

Detroit (+2) at Minnesota

N.Y. Giants (+3) at Philadelphia

Jacksonville (-2.5) at Carolina

San Francisco (+3) at Cincinnati

Houston (+6) at New Orleans

Miami (+1) at Cleveland

Denver (+4.5) at Tennessee

Kansas City (+6) at San Diego

Baltimore (-5) at St. Louis

N.Y. Jets (-3) at Oakland

Green Bay (-2.5) at Chicago

Atlanta (-1) at Tampa Bay

Arizona (+6) at Seattle

Pittsburgh (+1.5) at Indianapolis

Monday, Sept. 26

Washington (+6) at Dallas


Sunday, Oct. 2

New Orleans (-4) at Jacksonville

Minnesota (+5) at Kansas City

Carolina (+12) at Chicago

Tennessee (+3) at Cleveland

Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Houston

San Francisco (+7) at Philadelphia

Washington (+3) at St. Louis

Buffalo (+4.5) at Cincinnati

Detroit (+4) at Dallas

N.Y. Giants (-6) at Arizona

Atlanta (-4) at Seattle

Denver (+12) at Green Bay

New England (-5.5) at Oakland

Miami (+6.5) at San Diego

N.Y. Jets (+3) at Baltimore

Monday, Oct. 3

Indianapolis (-1.5) at Tampa Bay


Sunday, Oct. 9

New Orleans (-7.5) at Carolina

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Buffalo

Cincinnati (+3) at Jacksonville

Seattle (+7.5) at N.Y. Giants

Tennessee (+9.5) at Pittsburgh

Oakland (+3) at Houston

Kansas City (+5.5) at Indianapolis

Arizona (+6) at Minnesota

Tampa Bay (-1) at San Francisco

San Diego (-5) at Denver

N.Y. Jets (+5.5) at New England

Green Bay (-1) at Atlanta

Monday, Oct. 10

Chicago (+1) at Detroit

Byes: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, Washington, St. Louis


Sunday, Oct. 16

Carolina (+12.5) at Atlanta

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Washington

Buffalo (+7.5) at N.Y. Giants

Indianapolis (-2.5) at Cincinnati

Jacksonville (+10) at Pittsburgh

San Francisco (+4.5) at Detroit

St. Louis (+9.5) at Green Bay

Houston (+7) at Baltimore

Cleveland (+3.5) at Oakland

New Orleans (-1.5) at Tampa Bay

Dallas (+8) at New England

Minnesota (+6.5) at Chicago

Monday, Oct. 17

Miami (+6.5) at N.Y. Jets

Byes: Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee


Sunday, Oct. 23

Houston (+1) at Tennessee

Seattle (+3.5) at Cleveland

Atlanta (PK) at Detroit

Denver (+6) at Miami

San Diego (+3) at N.Y. Jets

Chicago (+1.5) at Tampa Bay (at London)

Washington (-1) at Carolina

Kansas City (+3) at Oakland

Pittsburgh (-7) at Arizona

Green Bay (-6.5) at Minnesota

St. Louis (+4.5) at Dallas

Indianapolis (+2.5) at New Orleans

Monday, Oct. 24

Baltimore (-4) at Jacksonville

Byes: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco


Sunday, Oct. 30

Indianapolis (-3.5) at Tennessee

Jacksonville (+4) at Houston

Arizona (+11) at Baltimore

Miami (+5) at N.Y. Giants

Minnesota (-3.5) at Carolina

New Orleans (-3) at St. Louis

Washington (+1.5) at Buffalo

Detroit (-1) at Denver

Cleveland (+3) at San Francisco

Cincinnati (+2) at Seattle

New England (+1) at Pittsburgh

Dallas (+4.5) at Philadelphia

Monday, Oct. 31

San Diego (-2.5) at Kansas City

Byes: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, N.Y. Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay


Sunday, Nov. 6

N.Y. Jets (-4) at Buffalo

Tampa Bay (+4) at New Orleans

Atlanta (+2) at Indianapolis

Seattle (+6.5) at Dallas

Miami (+2.5) at Kansas City

San Francisco (+2.5) at Washington

Cleveland (+3) at Houston

Denver (+6) at Oakland

Cincinnati (+2.5) at Tennessee

St. Louis (-2.5) at Arizona

N.Y. Giants (+7) at New England

Green Bay (PK) at San Diego

Baltimore (+3.5) at Pittsburgh

Monday, Nov. 7

Chicago (+4.5) at Philadelphia

Byes: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota


Thursday, Nov. 10

Oakland (+7) at San Diego

Sunday, Nov. 13

New Orleans (+3) at Atlanta

Detroit (+4) at Chicago

Jacksonville (+7) at Indianapolis

Denver (+6.5) at Kansas City

Pittsburgh (-6) at Cincinnati

Tennessee (PK) at Carolina

Houston (+3.5) at Tampa Bay

Washington (+4.5) at Miami

St. Louis (+3) at Cleveland

Buffalo (+6) at Dallas

Arizona (+10.5) at Philadelphia

Baltimore (-3.5) at Seattle

N.Y. Giants (-2.5) at San Francisco

New England (+1) at N.Y. Jets

Monday, Nov. 14

Minnesota (+10.5) at Green Bay


Thursday, Nov. 17

N.Y. Jets (-4) at Denver

Sunday, Nov. 20

Cincinnati (+8) at Baltimore

Dallas (-1.5) at Washington

Buffalo (+5) at Miami

Tennessee (+7) at Atlanta

Oakland (+2.5) at Minnesota

Jacksonville (+3) at Cleveland

Carolina (+7.5) at Detroit

Tampa Bay (+7) at Green Bay

Seattle (+3.5) at St. Louis

Arizona (+6.5) at San Francisco

San Diego (PK) at Chicago

Philadelphia (+2.5) at N.Y. Giants

Monday, Nov. 21

Kansas City (+10) at New England

Byes: Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh


Thursday, Nov. 24

Green Bay (-4) at Detroit

Miami (+4.5) at Dallas

San Francisco (+8.5) at Baltimore

Sunday, Nov. 27

Cleveland (+2.5) at Cincinnati

Houston (+1.5) at Jacksonville

Arizona (+6.5) at St. Louis

Buffalo (+9) at N.Y. Jets

Tampa Bay (PK) at Tennessee

Carolina (+11.5) at Indianapolis

Minnesota (+7) at Atlanta

Chicago (PK) at Oakland

Washington (+1.5) at Seattle

Denver (+9) at San Diego

New England (-1.5) at Philadelphia

Pittsburgh (-3) at Kansas City

Monday, Nov. 28

N.Y. Giants (+3) at New Orleans


Thursday, Dec. 1

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Seattle

Sunday, Dec. 4

Baltimore (-4) at Cleveland

Cincinnati (+10) at Pittsburgh

Carolina (+9) at Tampa Bay

Kansas City (+5.5) at Chicago

N.Y. Jets (-4) at Washington

Atlanta (-1) at Houston

Oakland (+3) at Miami

Detroit (+3.5) at New Orleans

Tennessee (+1) at Buffalo

Denver (+5.5) at Minnesota

St. Louis (+3) at San Francisco

Dallas (-3.5) at Arizona

Green Bay (PK) at N.Y. Giants

Indianapolis (+6.5) at New England

Monday, Dec. 5

San Diego (-3) at Jacksonville


Thursday, Dec. 8

Cleveland (+9) at Pittsburgh

Sunday, Dec. 11

Atlanta (-7.5) at Carolina

Minnesota (+4) at Detroit

Oakland (+9) at Green Bay

Tampa Bay (-1) at Jacksonville

Philadelphia (PK) at Miami

New England (-7.5) at Washington

New Orleans (-3) at Tennessee

Indianapolis (+4) at Baltimore

Kansas City (+7) at N.Y. Jets

Houston (+1.5) at Cincinnati

San Francisco (-2.5) at Arizona

Chicago (-3.5) at Denver

Buffalo (+9.5) at San Diego

N.Y. Giants (+2.5) at Dallas

Monday, Dec. 12

St. Louis (-1) at Seattle


Thursday, Dec. 15

Jacksonville (+7) at Atlanta

Saturday, Dec. 17

Dallas (+1) at Tampa Bay

Sunday, Dec. 18

Miami (PK) at Buffalo

Washington (+6) at N.Y. Giants

Tennessee (+7) at Indianapolis

Carolina (+8) at Houston

Green Bay (-3.5) at Kansas City

Cincinnati (+3) at St. Louis

New Orleans (-1) at Minnesota

Seattle (+8) at Chicago

Detroit (+2) at Oakland

N.Y. Jets (+2.5) at Philadelphia

Cleveland (PK) at Arizona

New England (-6.5) at Denver

Baltimore (+1.5) at San Diego

Monday, Dec. 19

Pittsburgh (-4) at San Francisco


Thursday, Dec. 22

Houston (+6) at Indianapolis

Saturday, Dec. 24

Cleveland (+7.5) at Baltimore

Tampa Bay (-5) at Carolina

Miami (+10) at New England

Oakland (+3) at Kansas City

Jacksonville (+2.5) at Tennessee

Arizona (+7) at Cincinnati

N.Y. Giants (+3.5) at N.Y. Jets

St. Louis (+9.5) at Pittsburgh

Denver (+3.5) at Buffalo

Minnesota (+2) at Washington

San Diego (-1) at Detroit

Philadelphia (+1.5) at Dallas

San Francisco (+1) at Seattle

Sunday, Dec. 25

Chicago (+7) at Green Bay

Monday, Dec. 26

Atlanta (+2) at New Orleans


Sunday, Jan. 1

Tampa Bay (+4.5) at Atlanta

Dallas (+2.5) at N.Y. Giants

Carolina (+11) at New Orleans

San Francisco (+3) at St. Louis

Indianapolis (-3) at Jacksonville

Tennessee (+6) at Houston

Detroit (+4) at Green Bay

Washington (+7) at Philadelphia

Buffalo (+9) at New England

Chicago (-2) at Minnesota

N.Y. Jets (-1) at Miami

Baltimore (-3) at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh (-3) at Cleveland

Kansas City (-2.5) at Denver

Seattle (-2) at Arizona

San Diego (-1.5) at Oakland

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