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NHL files brief to support NFL

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By PFW staff

The National Hockey League has filed an amicus brief to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the NFL in its dispute with the NFL players assocation. In the brief, the NHL states that all American professional sports leagues will be impacted by the ruling in the NFL's labor dispute and that a union decertifying should not be a valid negotiating tactic. The NFL players decertified as a union before the owners locked them out on March 11.

An amicus brief is issued by an outside party willing to submit information to assist the court in making a ruling.

The NHL states in the brief that, "The NHL has a direct interest in ensuring that the determination of terms and conditions of employment for NHL players is the product of a bona fide labor process rather than the "lever" of potential antitrust liability."

The NHL had a lockout in 2004-05 and the entire hockey season was canceled before a new CBA was agreed upon between that league and their players in July, ’05. One of the lawyers who served as outside counsel the NHL in that case, Bob Batterman, is now one of the NFL's top attorneys.


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