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Draft audibles

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Posted May 03, 2011 @ 9:07 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

•  "(Colorado CB) Jimmy Smith is a great kid. I interviewed him. He's way too talented not to become a good player. He's big, fast and can run. I did not see many holes in his game. If anyone is going to be able to manage him, it's Baltimore. (Ravens GM) Ozzie Newsome played the game. What he does not get enough credit for is the way he sorts through all the b.s. and can relate to players. There's a reason he has hit on so many picks at the end of the first round. There were a lot of teams down on Ray Lewis and Ed Reed when they were coming out, too. They didn't turn out so bad."

•  "We had (Michigan LB) Jonas Mouton in the sixth round. He was on our back board. He ran 4.88. He interviewed awful. His pyschological test was really bad. I don't know what (the Chargers) were doing (selecting him in the second round). They took the receiver from San Diego State in the third round, too. He had a palpitating heart condition. He may be able to play 10 years — it may not affect him at all, but he was red on our board."

•  "(North Carolina DT) Marvin Austin was the best value pick in the draft. I would have taken him in a heartbeat. The Giants will get a damn good starter in the second round. Talk about a steal. I thought they had a really good draft."

•  "(Auburn QB) Cam Newton could be a complete failure or he could whup your (butt). I would not want to have to worry about him in our division. I'm really surprised Ron Rivera got on board with the pick. Ron is a hardworking, intellectual type. Cam is the opposite. I hope they have a plan for him."

•  "What scared me about (Washington's) Jake Locker is that won-lost record. It was ugly. Look at the personnel at Stanford. It's not great outside of Andrew Luck. Look at Jim Everett at Purdue. Look at Mississippi since Eli Manning left. If you are a great quarterback, no matter what you have on the line, at receiver and running back, I think you go 8-4, 7-5 and play in bowl games. How do you start four years and go 15-25?"

•  "When we interviewed (TCU QB) Andy Dalton, he said the accomplishment he was most proud of was gathering 750 kids to listen to his ministry every week, not winning the Rose Bowl. When we asked him how he is going to handle guys on the field when the bullets start flying and his teammates are yelling at him, he said the first thing he is going to do is pray about it. I couldn't help but think, this might be the next Danny Wuerffel. If you are talking about (Dalton) going to be your starter, I would be nervous."

•  "There were published reports about bones in Phil Taylor's foot growing together. Our doctors said it was all fabricated. There was as much misinformation flying this year as I can ever remember."

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