Vikings No. 6 pick, FS Mistral Raymond, South Florida

Posted April 30, 2011 @ 4:26 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

On the selection of Mistral Raymond, PFW draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki said: "Raymond climbed late in the draft process, having not started full-time until his senior season. A lean free safety with average athletic ability, Raymond is a former walk-on whose competitiveness gives him a chance to earn a reserve job and compete on special teams. He could be tried at cornerback."

The Vikings met with Raymond at the team facility in March, but the two sides had not made contact since. Raymond described his play this way: "I think I'm a guy that plays a lot off of instincts," he said. "I just have a great feel for the game. I've studied the game in-depth. I think that is something that helps me on the field. I think playing the cornerback position at my size, I think I bring some intangibles.

"Guys aren't used to seeing someone my size line up across the ball from them. My physical structure helps me. I'm the type of guy that loves to bring energy to the field. It's something about when I feel the energy and the crowd is in to it, it really accelerates my play. It's something I take pride in, getting the fans involved. I just feel whenever I'm on the field, it's a good situation for my team."

As for what position he says he fits best as, Raymond said, "I'm a defensive back. I play corner, I play free safety, strong safety, I was our team's nickel for two years so I can play any position in the secondary. Wherever I can get on the field and help the defense and overall the team I'm definitely going to work towards doing that."