Seahawks WR Tate missing out on 'Golden' opportunity

Posted April 22, 2011 @ 9:47 a.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Our Seahawks sources believe there probably isn’t a player in the league more victimized by the ongoing lockout than second-year WR Golden Tate. “It is really hurting Tate,” one team insider said. “The team still thinks he’s a real big-play talent; they couldn’t believe it when he was still on the board when they drafted him [60th overall]. The problem is that he’s just not refined enough, and right now is when he could really be working on stuff.” Tate displayed his big-play potential in the Week Two game against Denver last season, when he opened eyes with a 52-yard reception and a 63-yard punt return. But that turned out to be the high point of a disappointing season, as he was never much of a factor the rest of the year. “They’re hoping for much more from him as the No. 3 receiver and primary punt returner,” the insider said. “Everybody can see the skills he has. They feel they just need to coach him up.”