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Up or down, Redskins look to move

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Posted April 17, 2011 @ 2:52 p.m. ET
By Eric Edholm

There is a growing sense that the Redskins are not happy with their current draft position at No. 10 and could seek to slide up or down on Draft Day. What they do will depend on what they are targeting and who is still available.

Unless they are interested in moving up to No. 1 to draft, say, QB Cam Newton, the Redskins might allow the first few picks of the draft to take shape and then try to make their move. Some have speculated that they are interested in Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert, which would make sense. The Redskins might have to move ahead a number of teams — Cincinnati at No. 4, Arizona at No. 5 to begin with — in order to draft him.

What hurts them is their lack of ammo regarding this year's picks. They lack third- and fourth-round selections because of trades (including the Donovan McNabb deal), although the Redskins never have shied away from mortgaging future picks to get the player they most crave.

The Redskins tried like crazy to trade with the Rams, holders of the No. 1 pick last year, to get Sam Bradford. That failed, as did their attempt to land Mark Sanchez the year prior. Having failed previously on these fronts might only fuel the brass' desire to get their guy this time around.

If that option is not possible, the Redskins could opt to move back in the draft — perhaps a smarter, more economical move. Recouping one or more picks would be a smart play, considering the number of needs this team has. Mike Shanahan would love to come out of this draft with his QB of the future, but he might not have the pieces needed to get it done.

Either way, don't be shocked if the Redskins don't end up picking at No. 10.

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