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Draft countdown: Pick No. 19

Draft countdown

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Posted April 09, 2011 @ 10:28 a.m. ET
By Alex Mayster

Overview: The No. 19 pick has been spent on Pro Bowlers such a Titans FS Michael Griffin, but it also has been a spot where players who have never been effective, like QB Kyle Boller, come off the board. We found that the No. 19 pick, which is held by the Giants in this year's draft, has been a mixed bag over the past 10 years:

2010: Falcons select Missouri OLB Sean Weatherspoon
Weatherspoon started five games for the Falcons last season, including four of the first five, but was hampered by injuries midway through the season. He played mostly in nickel situations upon his return.

2009: Eagles select Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin
A surprise pick at the time, Maclin has turned into a perfect complement to WR DeSean Jackson. He is a standout No. 2 receiver who figures to finish somewhere between 800-1,000 receiving yards per season for years to come.

2008: Panthers select Pittsburgh OT Jeff Otah
A knee injury kept Otah off the field for the entire '10 season. He has proven to be an effective run blocker at right tackle but health will be a big factor moving forward.

2007: Titans select Texas FS Michael Griffin
Griffin already has been named to two Pro Bowls and figures to be a mainstay in the Titans' secondary. He had 108 tackles, four interceptions and two forced fumbles in '10, producing like a safety and running like a corner.

2006: Chargers select Florida State CB Antonio Cromartie
Cromartie was an elite corner in San Diego, where he recorded a career-high 10 picks in '07. He eventually fell out of favor with the Chargers and was traded to the Jets, where he plays alongside Darrelle Revis as one of the league's best corner duos.

2005: Rams select Florida State OT Alex Barron
Barron turned false starts into an art form. He possesses talent and has a big wingspan, but he was never quite able to put it all together on the field. He was traded to the Cowboys in May 2010, but managed to make only one start in '10.

2004: Dolphins select Miami (Fla.) OT Vernon Carey
Carey has become a stalwart at right tackle for the Dolphins. He started every game from 2006-09 and the first 12 games last season before knee issues put him on injured reserve.

2003: Ravens select California QB Kyle Boller
The Ravens took a risk in drafting Boller and it never worked out the way they planned. The California product never had many weapons in Baltimore and turned the ball over too many times to maintain a starting role. He serves as a backup for the Raiders.

2002: Broncos select Hawaii WR Ashley Lelie
Lelie had a couple successful seasons in Denver but didn't have much success after leaving the Broncos following the ’05 season. His best season came in '04, when Lelie gained 20.1 yards per catch and recorded 54-1,084-7.

2001: Steelers select Texas NT Casey Hampton
Hampton is a player that fits the Steelers' defensive scheme perfectly. The 6-1, 325-pounder has served as a giant run stuffer in the middle of the D-line and has had a long, successful career in Pittsburgh, winning two Super Bowls to date.

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