Kolb rumors fog up Seahawks' QB picture

Posted March 24, 2011 @ 12:03 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Seattle’s QB situation grows murkier with every passing day in the wake of rumors suggesting that the Seahawks might have made an offer for Eagles backup QB Kevin Kolb earlier in the offseason, which Eagles head coach Andy Reid refused. SI.com’s Peter King recently reported that the Eagles had turned down an offer of a No. 1 pick in exchange for Kolb from one particular team because the pick wasn’t high enough in the first round. Considering the Seahawks reportedly showed a genuine interest in Kolb at one point last season, in addition to having a mere 25th pick overall to offer as potential first-round booty for him, the dots would appear to connect nicely.

There is still the very real possibility, however, that the Seahawks have every intention of re-signing veteran free-agent QB Matt Hasselbeck. “But when Pete Carroll told us the last time he talked that the team had made a real run at re-signing Hasselbeck, we’re beginning to wonder now whether it was ‘a’ run or ‘the’ run,” said one team insider regarding contract negotiations with Hasselbeck, who is viewed as a relatively short-term fix at best.

It would appear Kolb, a strong fit for a West Coast offensive scheme under new coordinator Darrell Bevell that emphasizes short, accurate throws, could fill the bill as a longer-term solution at quarterback. But is at least a first-round pick and a second pick in the next 3-4 rounds — which is the going rate on Kolb that is making the rounds — something the Seahawks can seriously consider surrendering? “It’s pretty amazing that there are all of these questions at such a vital position,” the insider said.