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Scoring plays to be booth reviews

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By PFW staff

In addition to moving kickoffs to the 35-yard line, the NFL owners voted on Tuesday to make all scoring plays reviewable by the booth replay official.

The league's competition committee proposed the change last week, and the owners voted 30-2 in favor of the change, which takes the onus off coaches to use up challenges on scoring plays and puts the decision to review such a play in the hands of the replay official.

Coaches can still make two challenges a game, and if they are correct on both, would earn a third.

"It's a real big competitive disadvantage," Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said about trying to challenge scoring plays when on the road. "You don't get that look at it on the road that you get at home; they just don't show it."

The league tabled a proposal that would make changes to the language to describe defenseless receivers. The competition committee proposed eight explanations, but the league tabled it to work on the language.

The way we see it

The replay change is a good move by the league, and as Bill Belichick mentioned, it is closer to the way replay is handled in the college game. Scoring plays are so significant, and with so much happening after a score, coaches don't get a fair chance to see a replay to make an informed decision on whether or not to challenge. Now, with the booth having the ability to review scoring plays, we don't have to worry about spending days discussing a challenge gaffe that cost a team points.

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