Foxworth: Financial info from NFL 'laughable'

Posted March 10, 2011 @ 3:31 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Ravens CB Domonique Foxworth, one of the more vocal player reps, has called the financial information provided by the NFL "laughable."

In an interview on CNBC with Darren Rovell on Thursday, Foxworth said, "The numbers offered us can be extrapolated from the numbers that are printed in Forbes. It's nothing substantial.

"And the idea that they can ask for a billion dollars from us without giving us the opportunity to really crawl through their numbers is somewhat disrespectful."

The players are asking to see the owners' financial records of all 32 teams, as the two sides work toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The owners, citing financial losses, want a bigger cut of the $9 billion revenue. The players want proof that ownership is seeing shrinking profits.

"We just want the opportunity to look through the numbers and I'm sure all the people are watching understand that you don't make a $1 billion concession without an opportunity to crawl through all the numbers," Foxworth said.

Pro Football Talk reported Thursday morning that the gap between the two is currently under $700 million per year. Talks began with the league wanting an extra $1 billion off the top. National Football Post's Andrew Brandt said the gap is now approximately $600 million.

The way we see it

Foxworth has been very involved in negotiating and he voiced the players' view that they don't believe the owners' current financial transparency is acceptable. It's a positive step that the two sides have shaved some money off the owners' original demands, but Foxworth would probably tell you that they won't be satisfied until the owners open all their books.