Without Lee, it's up to Daboll to continue 'Wildcat'

Posted March 04, 2011 @ 12:02 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

One reason for the Dolphins' offensive struggles in 2010 was the inefficiency of the "Wildcat" formation, which averaged just 3.3 yards of offense, down from 4.7 in 2009 and 6.4 in the '08 season in which it was introduced to the league.

David Lee, the former Dolphins QB coach and current Ole Miss offensive coordinator, noted that it wasn't only in Miami where production decreased. "Last year, people really caught on to it and slowed it down, and it happened to Houston Nutt at Ole Miss, too," Lee told PFW.

Lee didn't attribute the decrease in production to a struggling offensive line but to the fact that defenses simply were used to it. "You're seeing less and less of (the Wildcat) after two pretty successful seasons. People got used to playing into it," he said.

With offensive coordinator Dan Henning also gone from the Dolphins, Lee doesn't anticipate much of the Wildcat in Miami next season unless, he said, Miami has someone there who's ready to use it. That man could be new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who has experience with the formation, having used it in Cleveland with WR Josh Cribbs. If Daboll can find the right triggerman, which he will need to do if RB Ronnie Brown goes elsewhere, the Wildcat might resume in 2011 for the Dolphins, especially in the red zone.