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Ole Miss NT Powe relishes dirty jobs

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By Andrew Struckmeyer

INDIANAPOLIS — After football is over, Jerrell Powe is interested in getting involved in construction, something for which he has a passion. While he might not be the first player chosen in this year's NFL draft, he certainly would be a top pick at the construction site, given his massive size at 6-2 and 335 pounds. For the time being though, Powe hopes he'll be pushing offensive linemen around, rather than iron beams.

Powe declared Sunday that he is the best nose tackle in the draft, a position that is often less than glorious. Nose tackles are often tasked with taking on multiple blockers, in an effort to free up the other defenders to make plays. Even in passing situations, they are usually confined to simply constricting the pocket. However, Powe said he has no problem with these assignments.

"I think I push the pocket well, take on double-teams well," Powe said. "(I'm) a guy who is dependable and willing to lower his shoulder for the team."

With more NFL teams switching to the 3-4 scheme, space eaters like Powe are in high demand. But Powe doesn't want to cast himself as a one-trick pony.

"I can play the three-technique, so I don't think I'm just a 3-4 guy," Powe said. "I mean, that is one of my strengths, my biggest strength as far as playing the nose guard, but I think I can most definitely play in the 3-4 or 4-3 as well. "

Powe mentioned Vince Wilfork of the Patriots and Pat Williams of the Vikings as players that he tries to pattern his game after.

"I think they do a great job of pushing the pocket, doing the things that a nose guard is asked to, taking on double-teams so that the linebackers behind can run around and make plays," he explained.

Powe had a disappointing senior season in 2010, registering just 8½ tackles for loss on a Rebels team that struggled through a 4-8 season. This coming off of a junior campaign where notched 12 tackles for loss, as well as three sacks.

One reason for the decrease in production was attributed to Powe's increased playing time at nose guard as a senior, as opposed to his previous seasons, when he had more opportunities as a three-technique.

Powe said that he already has met with the Chiefs, Broncos and Ravens, and has meetings are on the books with the Raiders and the Dolphins, an interesting mix of 4-3 and 3-4 teams.

Just like every other prospect in Indianapolis this weekend, Powe said he is ready to display his talents for the scouts.

"(I'm) ready to showcase the (bench press), the speed I have as a big man, I think I'm pretty solid," Powe said. "I think I measure up well against the other guys in the draft."

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